32 years old from Belgium, soon to be Flanders :)
"Rising sign: libra Sun: Cancer (cusp gemini-cancer)
neat huh?

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I just recently had the best sex OF MY LIFE with a Leo male.. So my question now is... Is the sex ALWAYS this great between a Leo and Aries??!
I've posted something similar before but never really heard from any couples of this combination. Happy to hear from either Capricorn or Aries as would like to hear both sides of the story. I am Capricorn female married to an Aries male. .
I was with a guy I worked with and he always chased me but I told him I didn't want to be in a relationship because I still lived with my ex and was going through a break up. He still chased me and we messed around a little. He told me he loved me and wan