Cut etheral cords or cords of attachment

Hi guys, what are some of the ways to break or cut etheral cords or cords of attachment to someone?
  • Posted by LibraMudra
    This stuff really works.

    The first video is so good.
    I'm in tears.
  • Bottabing
    Infj - I see you clearly
    For starters get rid of all of their things reminders... Sheets ... Social media ... All of it... Everything holds energy... Including the damn hair bows
  • Bottabing
    Infj - I see you clearly
    Posted by AneemA04
    Hi guys, what are some of the ways to break or cut etheral cords or cords of attachment to someone?

    It doesn't take much now... Send up a prayer and remove any reminders ...(items) from this person ... Pictures ... Clothing.... Everything holds energy for complete severance ... This must be removed or destroyed ... The only way .... Pictures ... Items can have energetic holds to this person .... Get rid of the sheets too if you have slept with them.... Even the mattress .... Removing energetic attachments can be done.... But the person must choose their free will wisely and destroy what needs to be destroyed ... You're angels and guardians will handle the rest and assist with shielding you from this person ... Best of luck.... If you want to break ties ... Start with reminders of this person ... All of you're prayers have been heard.... Work on your part and your ancestors and angels will handle the rest ...
  • I've read about this before
    There is the method of visualization
    There's also a method of using obsidian? Or some other black Rock during menstruation to cut the cords
  • miriyahhh
    from California
    And don't trash their belongings take it to a park or beach and leave them there😄
  • AneemA04
    Posted by Whiskey_in_a_barrel_for_sale
    Write a heartfelt letter to them... Meditate and pray to your favourite God/spirit, ask for forgiveness( in case you have to)... Imagine letting go of their energy. Burn the letter but not with any evil intention.

    Another way can be by imagining a cord connecting you to them. The string that holds your soul to their heart... Imagine severing it. Just let go of their energy. Heal. Takes time and practice.
    And yes stop stalking their social media pages and make a sincere effort to let go by not dwelling on the past.

    All​ the best...

    This is good. Writing a letter and burn them. Thanks!

  • WarAngel1
    The man, the legend.
    38 years old male from San Antonio, TX, USA
  • AneemA04
    Hi guys, what are some of the ways to break or cut etheral cords or cords of attachment to someone?

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