Is it better to live selfishly or selflessly?

By cerseiSeptember 30, 2022 6:52am — 54 replies
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i was reading about ciara s prayer and how she basically manifested her now-husband russell by saying a prayer after having her heart broken naturally i think it s fascinating my venus neptune square loves shit like this have you or anyone that yo
Past Lives & Wonky Intuition
just a quick question will gut instinct tell you who you were in a previous life im convinced i may have been female and possibly like the equivalent of a nanny or someone who solved problems not trolling but my intuition usually turns out accurate in
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what is spirituality to you do you have any spiritual practices how do you honor and nourish the spirit within you i feel like i am at a perfect age where i should become more spiritual many people close to my age became spiritually awakened sometim
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state 3 things you dislike about yourself physically and 3 things you like about yourself physically for me i don t like my face shape -it s oval but to me it s too long and ive always felt insecure about that my mouth shape -it gives m
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are any of you comfortable in dark occult stuff i ran into this account on instagram the other day this girl s account was full of disturbing pictures her profile pic was a monster that looks like it was from the pits of hell of some silent hill movie
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what do these all mean it means you literally feel others pain and emotions is it in your head well maybe not what i found is many spiritual terms and practices are simplification of complex systems and mechanics we are barely able to grasp now he
for the first time in my life i get it its not bullshit its not hypothetical i met someone who mirrors like i do its fucking crazy to be pushed as hard as i am right now to be shown your own weaknesses and what you deny to yourself with the
Twin flame discussion
im not trying to debate personal viewpoints i mean all but very few people have at least some beliefs that arent firmly rooted in irrefutable facts even science runs on theories my hot take is if only a small number of the population could say
What do you feel is your purpose in life?
or what makes you feel like you are living a meaningful life and like you are being useful what makes you feel good and alive