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By HamstheticsOctober 25, 2021 4:38am — 13 replies

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What is harmless, loved by all things that you genuinely doesn't like?
cancer women i dont know why there is something i cant put my finger on about them it could be because theyre so opionated argumentative and aggressive for a feminine sign
What kind of Personality you would never take/entertain/tolerate even in little doses?
mine - scorpios obsessiveness - scorpios needs for control - scorpios manipulativeness - aries mooners insensitivity - aries mooners bluntness - capricorns judgemental - leo mooners bullying
Did it Feel Good?
when you finally got to reject the people that rejected you i mean literally for me - it felt so good when almost a year ago i got a friend request on fb from a girl i crushed on heavily back in hs we was suppose to go to prom together she brought i
Non Boomers of Dxp
what makes you think that in your future you would never doing become these things -a karen -someone who hated anything that is new trendy and popular -finally going to a church regularly -finally voted for republican -finally feel relatable to caprico
How would you like to die?
im super high and my male friend and i are having a debate we were watching a food commercial and i was talking how i could make a mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich and how good it would be my friend said it was to much and probably kill you i
The Zodiac Killer has been identified
https mobile twitter com tmz status 1445770761679953934
Hopeless Romantics
something so pure and innocent about being one it feels like a dying breed the world might label you naive but its not that bad to believe youll get your customized version of a fairytale especially if you practice your manifestations most people ar
Has this Mercury Retrograde been bringing back people of the past for anyone else?
just curious if any of you have experienced people from your past suddenly popping back up during this time cause in a tarot reading i had i was told thered be around 7 people from my past wholl remember about me think about me and at least 3 of them
Funerals Make You Horny
my grandmother passed on the very first day of mercury retrograde she is a gemini may 21 we said good bye to her today i was speaking to a few people who knew her or my family at the gravesite i noticed out of the corner of my eye this gentleman t
What would you do if you were invisible
just watched invisible man i wonder what i would do with that how i would handle it i would kill bad people steal secrets and put them online i would drive donald trump insane visit swat training facilities sleep in the louvre steal money i cou