Best Working Team

By ImyourbaeAugust 16, 2022 2:02pm — 34 replies
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Is this true or false about Dick size
big hands - big dick big nose - big dick big feet - big dick small dog - small dick or gay are there any of those about pussy
The sick diaries
looks like there s plenty of us who have been sick so i shall rant my woes tested negative for covid a week ago while i had a low grade fever and sore throat thought i just caught a bad cold so my husband stayed near me we just cuddled facing our back
May Born
is it just me that i find most may born good looking creative smart good in music film industry talented dwayne johnson david beckham adele george clooney enrique iglesias stephen colbert megan fox kylie minogue me to name a few i
Responded 'you too' WTF
i sent a text that said thinking of you hoping you are ok i am here if you want to talk quick text came right back you too wtf kind of reaction is that does it mean whatever or i am feeling the same toward you or have a nice day or somet
The S**t that f’s up your day
i know i should just let it go but ffs some people just nit pick over anything at work in our office the receptionist constantly sends emails to complain about the kitchen wash up after yourself don t leave your food in the fridge then you have eve
Forgive & Forget vs Forgive But Won't Forget
ill say forgive and forget thats what forgiveness are for you being the bigger one to forgive someone who has hurt you and start all over again be it without him or her with no hatred whatsoever the key word is to let go and forget whatever that
Hopes and dreams check
greetings all tell me your current hopes and dreams and the steps you re taking to reach them currently i ve planted some seeds of my own but i sadly must be very patient in the upcoming months to further act not gonna lie it s super boring to wait
Are you a morning person or a vampire??
im a vampire but i am a morning person does that make sense i dont know i just hate the night but its making me all awake and alive i woke up early and i love me some sun anyhow this thread is just for the sake of writing my poor geminis mind
Harmless horror recommendation
recommend horror thriller mystery related fiction or real in any media movies series docs articles podcast etc that is non-gore not nsfl or harmful to people with vivid imagination who stressed easily too much to ask i know but im really tired
Your Personal Taste
simple last film tv watched what you think you will watch next last album listened to can be a song if you dont do albums next on the playlist last book magazine e-book comic read what are you currently reading for gamers board games count