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By LoveSeekerDecember 27, 2013 3:18pm — 22 replies
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Boxing Day Tsunami Victims
last night i watched a documentary on the boxing day tsunami i like watching documentaries on disasters that happened
Women of SNL
watching the women of snl and just realized 7 of the 11 featured are earth signs the others are 2 pisces and two leos
If You Were Forced to Be Cast on a TV Show...
what tv show would you be on and why i dont mean what show would you want to be on but what show would you fit in
Organized Crime and Corruption
goes to the romanian parliament ro-ma-ni-a ro-ma-ni-a https reportingproject net occrp index php en press-box
Happy vs Bittersweet endings?
as in bittersweet- victory was achieved but not without great sacrifice of many people who are either dead or physicall
New Years Rants... what pissed you off in 2013?
what s with these pseudo relationships i read some of these threads and it s women talking about how a guy looks
Craciun fericit tuturor!...
is the proper christmas greeting round these parts merry christmas everyone may the holidays find you in good heal
wishing you all a joyful and most importantly a peaceful celebration of this finest tradition with your beloved
Is monogamy real?
or do you think its just an illusion like so many other things to make us feel like we have control when really we don