Have you assholes and other types of unpleasant people in your life?

By ParkourlerMay 8, 2021 3:02am — 16 replies
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How do y’all think a meeting with your element would go?
For example the earth signs. 4 people (can be a mix of either gender) from each sign meet for the first time. So 4 Taurus’s, 4 Virgos and 4 caps all meet. How would it go?
If you had only 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
Only thing is you cannot wish for more wishes. :P
Leadership Lessons of US Presidents
fffff uuuuuu ccccc kkkkk this podcast is so god, two intellectuals talk in plain language about the leadership of World Leaders, please at least check out the snippets, @Tsunami, you asked for podcast recommendations, you really do yourself a disservice
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If you could pick your dream job and there weren't any qualifications, what would your dream job be?
Selfie thread
Been a minute since the last one 🤳🏼
🎉Happy Birthday @AbbyNormal🎉
Wishing you a fantastic birthday, Abby ... have fun in Las Vegas! 😘💃🎡🎈🎁🎂☀️ https://i.postimg.cc/7P20WQWx/BB57-C8-F8-7-A9-E-4617-BB0-A-2-ADDB430-CA9-D.jpg
What would you do?
You can pick any one date to time travel to and spend 24 hours there. It's one round trip. What date would you pick and how would you spend the 24 hours?
The Deeper You Dig
If you’re into Tarot, watch this movie on Vudu It’s free
Have You Ever Had An Enemy?
Like a real enemy? Not just someone you don't like much What happened? Did you defeat them?
Your last naive teenager questions
I'm sure you have been asked or asking yourself these kind of questions before, usually when you hit puberty and full of idealism. But i want to know what is your answers as an adult now...just for fun :) 1. What would you do if you were president 2. W