If you are the most powerful person in media, which people you would "sell" to the public as...

By HamstheticsSeptember 19, 2021 3:03pm — 38 replies
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i asked a girl out in feb because i thought her voice was cute we were all behind masks all the time cause covid she said she just wanted to be friends cause 2020 was the worst year i agreed to be just friends decided to put my feelings in the way ba
Why do people hate Billionaires?
im not particulary rich or successful by any means and ive had my struggle since i was a kid but never once i hate people who are rich and successful not even when it was my relatives who is clearly have better and easier live than me growing up to
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i looked back and saw that mlk alexander the great and tom brady all have a gemini mars in my observation i have noticed that people with this placement are damn strategic its like they can vet a problem inside and out and go okay this is where w
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how do they go after what they want how are they in relationships what about sexually ive noticed they need reassurance and to feel safe before pouncing after the crab dance they are very touchy feely
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hi inspired by gc11 post your d amp d character disclaimer ive never played the game and probably filled out the sheet wrong but who cares have with it heres the blank sheet http imgur com a fw8a5l6 heres my contribution http i
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you just won the presidential election and become the next president of us now you need to fill up the empty seat in your cabinet with dxpers only who will you hire
If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?
the ability to lie if everyone had to be truthful the world would be a much better place
How can one gain better luck?
by carrying a totem with them a horseshoe a four leaf clover reincarnating into a better birth chart being around lucky people and soaking up their luck and yes luck is a real thing
Misunderstood Signs
what do you think the signs get misunderstood for ill start with my signs since i have heavy leo and libra placements leo being selfish and bossy - in reality theyre super generous to those they care for and they are confident and like to be helpful li