If you could live in any other location, which one would it be?

By xiongmaoJuly 8, 2021 12:27am — 71 replies
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are they open for indoor dining in your country the irish government are delaying apparently until august can you state which country state you live in thanks
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what do you prefer and why for me shower all day more practical way quicker always running fresh water and not sitting in your filth ok jacuzzi with filters back massagers and all that but just a tub with no filters yuck plus i also prefer h
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whether or not civilization is much older than weve been lead on the believe like much longer than a couple of thousands of years
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https media1 tenor com images d221cb48b4ae3507be2e507383b6f054 tenor gif itemid 7724855
1 if youve been cheated on what was your initial reaction 2 did you stay in the relationship 3 what did it take for you to forgive and how long did it take 4 would you forgive the second time what would be a deal breaker
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you did it to yourself
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