my bff sucked dick of my husband

By KrabssJuly 4, 2022 11:08pm — 25 replies
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Anyone else like this?
i frustrate myself because everything i do is at 100 miles an hour there s so much to do but i can t do one thing at a time to competition i start on something then something else pops up as i m doing it and i start on that while i m there for ins
Who is your favorite dxp users of all time?
since this site is almost dead lets say our final appreciation farewells goodbyes to the most special people of dxp while we still have the chance
i feel like there is no bigger threat to our societies future then metaverse i seriously get chills every time i hear the word im not a big conspiracy theorist but i feel like they are building the tools today to control our children in the future b
Black Americans is your police really that bad?
i am bingewatching ytvideos with blacks knowing their rights they get into heated arguments over laws they know better than the cops they even know that there is such a thing as the drivers checklist damm it would really ruin my day and long argumen
U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade
contraception amp same sex marriage may be next https www businessinsider com justice-thomas-said-the-court-should-reconsider-rulings-on-same-sex-marriage-2022-6 amp what a time to be alive https j gifs com vbabol gif
scorpio no 2 lol
ok so new guy maybe maybe not scorp again actually not that new weve been talking for 3 or 4 months here and there but i was with the scorp no 1 so it was always friendly and i never initiated convos we have a similar type of humor anyway sinc
What’s Life been like in last month?
for me omfg - took my 15 year old fur baby in for an op -then i broke my elbow 2 days later roller skating lmao still think i m young but that won t stop me his left paw my right we are a funny sight together - a whole month off work no pay - c
If you knew you were terminally ill…
would you burn all you have get wild once more and leave with a big bang or would you choose to slowly fade away over time would you go and seek for forgiveness or not change your ways at all would it matter to you even what you leave behind