Our mind is the master

By Jan12girlApril 12, 2022 9:45am — 10 replies

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Our mind is the master
i am sharing this here because he beautifully explains how we have it in us to control the influence of external factors including the effects of planets on us we feel happiness and distress not because of external factors yes they trigger but what we
Capricorn moons and animal abuse
i ve noticed a pattern in capricorn moons being sadistic to animals when they re in a bad mood the moon is debilitated there so they have more negative emotions if there s no victim to harm then they harm animals adolf hitler had a capricorn moon
this will be my only and final response directed at me as a leo man and us as a whole for not liking fire sign women get it right wimpy and pushover leos who are a disgrace to our sign tom brady barack obama bill clinton terminator jason momoa and
Myers Briggs Activity Ideas
i need to lead an activity for myers briggs for team development meeting for the following group it would be awesome if anyone had any ideas these team building meetings can suck hard intp intj esfp esfj entj any ideas
this will be my only and final response regarding all the accusation that is currently directed at me juicyboo is not me and i dont have any dxp account other than this one im done with this site and will never come back so believe whatever you want
Dxpnet members who aren't real.
gemimay i know its 9 30 pm and youre probably going to bed but how fake can one person be its obvious you arent real and your vaccine avatar isnt either if it is you will prove me wrong in some way i bet youve been here before in the past
Tips for getting to know an introvert
ok i already mentioned this new scorpio guy had 2 dates that lasted for 24h he is an obvious introvert tho we did connect or i think so anyway he is gone for a family vacation 2 more weeks being aware of his nature i decided not to bother hi
HELP! Most Wanted wanted
https i ibb co n3qg2dt 7-e0-a2234-fe44-4-a0-e-8-de5-28-f3-dbf257-ae jpg
just saw this one i cut the middle out but still one research study found practically all coffee samples 91 7 were contaminated with molds but as johns hopkins reports there are significant health benefits to drinking coffe
The neighbor with multiple wives
my dad befriended this one neighbor during his daily walks they ve become pretty good neighbor pals he likes giving my dad home cooked dishes my mom doesn t like that because she feels obligated to do the same when she doesn t want any involvement ca