Post the perfect woman for DXP Guys!

By HamstheticsAugust 14, 2020 8:09pm — 63 replies
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Double Standards..
example 1 a doll with a button on its bottom meant to activate and make noises when the doll is in the sitting position that was obviously done with the intention of grooming young children its subliminal messaging no way in hell that was a mistak
Inside the mind of a rape victim
today is a middle day i m not up and i m not down i m just kind of in between i also feel curious to understand the demon who crossed me so i ve been searching online and googling sadist and what they want so i guess i m kind of going down the rabbit h
Don't ask me anything.
at all in fact you can all fuck off
Most people here are Americans; do you think the US was right to drop atomic bombs on Japan
or are you sound and human enough to realize that your own country did a horrible horrible thing
Troll doll
im so angry right now i mean wtf what the actual fuck this doll is mind conditioning little girls that it fun some fucked up peado has designed this god forsaken toy i am so thankful i dont have a daughter https metro co uk 2020 08 06 moth
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man of steel frederich nietzsche wrote this in his philosophical book thus spoke zarathustra can man surpass himself reach beyond our belief structures and be more than a man master his moral compass and liberate himself from limiting value syste
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couldn t see it anywhere here or i m lazy and only half looked so how do i post a picture from my albums on a post or a picture from online please thanks in advance
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The Candace Owens Show: Dinesh D’Souza
https www youtube com watch v x5 dbg31zwu