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On this site. Do u think people of normal body weight ie not "chunky" "thick" and def not morbidly obese are seen as "privileged" ?
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  • On this site.

    Do u think people of normal body weight ie not "chunky" "thick" and def not morbidly obese are seen as "privileged" ?

  • That’s a hot commodity these days
  • Posted by LePetitFisk

    Like... 3 good meals a day to maintain my skinnyfat physique without dumpster diving and my mother sacrificing her well being and nutrition just so I can eat?

    U know what I mean.

  • nikkistar
    My moral compass acts like its in the Bermuda Triangle
    What the treetrunk?
  • heliumfiasco
    Sun Lib12- Moon Gem 8- Merc Lib12-Venus/Mars Virgo11- Asc Lib-Pluto Scorp1st.
    I love Whole Foods! haha
  • BTW can anyone explain "skinnyfat" does that mean u lack muscle?
  • Posted by TheTinMan
    No. Like I don't have privilege to walk thru my door without having to turn sideways just to enter.

  • LadyNeptune
    No not privileged. Most Americans are overweight/obese. Skinny/average is a minority now.
  • TheRabbit
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    I wouldn't consider it "privilege", but it's definitely an issue that a lot of middle class folks ignore.

    Food deserts are a big problem in many cities and negatively affect the nutrition and weight of people who don't have the means to walk, drive, or find public transportation to one of the suburban sprawl strip malls where the decent grocery stores are.

    I can't swing a stick in my area without hitting a cheap as butter fish and chicken frying joint but trying to find good quality and affordable produce (for example) is next to impossible. I'm fortunate I can drive to get it. Others are not so lucky.
  • Posted by nano
    What inspired this question?

    Overweight people are becoming the norm, and people of normal body weight are more and more rare.

    Given these patterns, I'm wondering if anyone has noticed people of normal weight being treated better, in a general sense.

    I've heard people IRL makes comments, and it got me thinking.
  • This is a very interesting video, i believe i've shared it once on here already, but it doesn't hurt for others to see it.
    It talks of how Americans got fat and when it started, the government choices that threw regulation out, corn syrup phenomenon etc etc

    It's super interesting and i think whoever is into this debate (US, obesity) won't be able to stop watching once she/he gets started.
  • Ok guys! I have to chime in. Being 250lb a few years ago - deciding to lose it and done 75lb weight loss - you all need to shut up!!!

    Tenderloin cooks under 10min with vegetables fresh or frozen, chicken breast, seafood...quick, easy and AFFORTABLE!

    Just get easy on bread and potatoes!

    What are you mr. @therabbit cookiemonstering about?

    And yes! I feel privileged now. By seeing the way I’ve changed. By not have to be looking for 3X clothes size! By being able to say β€˜she is FAT!’ 🀣🀣🀣
    Oh joy...πŸ˜‚
  • ufo
    idk what you're saying
  • Are skinny ppl clothes cheaper because the use less fabric? Big Grin
  • Posted by OrGasMe

    YEs they are. How do you not know that? It’s expensive being big.

    lol this reminds me of a dentist episode i had.
    Dentistry is covered by healthcare somewhat, in any case my procedure was. Wisdom tooth on the left side was going out. I asked for a third injection of local anesthetic. That treetrunking nurse dared to say "we're using a lot of material on you sir."
    I was one third of a second away from barking back at her "cookiemonster they used a lot of material for your nurse attire out of my taxes and you don't see me complaining.".....

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