ranting my heart out

By halalbaeAugust 3, 2017 1:06am — 8 replies

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In response to getting older sucks thread...
it seems like being young sucks even more considering all i am reading here men are weak scared of being hurt mind games love you one day - blocking you and ghosting you right after they mentioned he loves you girls are not sure where th
Some family questions
would you force your kids to quit school and work to help buy a house what age would you let your kids date would you let your kid stay on campus first year in college what age would you say you should be able to make your own decisions about your l
Do we have sex talk here?
who want sex talk
post your big juicy *****
its time https dxpnet-uploads s3 amazonaws com cqii6ayfnaspsilvisislp jpg https dxpnet-uploads s3 amazonaws com jzv3p6gyfespsilvisilhl jpg
I am going to blast my love to oblivion and than some!
and you k ow who you are and being your friends with you who do the same frigging thing answering lol no yes cool when there is topic to disgust why if you cant - stfu and stay away no you have to say nothing and giggle inside your
Just want to chat. anyone in a chatting mood?
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