Selfie thread

Been a minute since the last one 🤳🏼
By SnowBunny726May 4, 2021 4:14pm — 77 replies
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🎉Happy Birthday @AbbyNormal🎉
Wishing you a fantastic birthday, Abby ... have fun in Las Vegas! 😘💃🎡🎈🎁🎂☀️
What would you do?
You can pick any one date to time travel to and spend 24 hours there. It's one round trip. What date would you pick and how would you spend the 24 hours?
The Deeper You Dig
If you’re into Tarot, watch this movie on Vudu It’s free
Have You Ever Had An Enemy?
Like a real enemy? Not just someone you don't like much What happened? Did you defeat them?
Your last naive teenager questions
I'm sure you have been asked or asking yourself these kind of questions before, usually when you hit puberty and full of idealism. But i want to know what is your answers as an adult now...just for fun :) 1. What would you do if you were president 2. W
When do you think we’ll be able to travel again overseas without any restrictions?
Before the pandemic, I wanted to take my parents on a trip to Europe. It was something I always had in mind. Now I’m basically just waiting for things to get better. I don’t want to risk buying airplane tickets and I wouldn’t like to travel wearing masks
What is your definition of Masculine?
We need some in balance here.
I don't know why but I've always been fan of the unknown and been obsessing about the Cecil Hotel for day. Haven't watch the Netflix show, just a bunch of yt clips. Any LAers to tell me something about it? Have you seen it???? Visited it????
White Privilege
When there's a topic about "white privilege" and you can't relate to it, why do you get offended? Why is it that the first thing you do when the topic is about somebody else's misfortunes, you talk about your own or someone else's experience as your cou
What is your menstrual system like? What products do you use? Emotional changes? Have you ever bled during a full moon?