What is your phone wallpaper?

Wish I could take a screenshot but you guys I suck with technology. But I'm good at cleaning? *awkward giggle* Mine is a black and white picture of Megan Fox because I'd love to start a family with her. xoxoxo http://data.whicdn.com/images/24516156/or
26 years old male from Mattel
"Sun - Pisces Moon - Gemini Mercury - Pisces V
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Well "simple" Good(8) Villagers(Townies): There are four villagers in this game and you have one remarkable ability: friendly fire! Villagers are players that don't have a special role. Furry: You're a townie that shows up as evil. Witch(
This taurus girl i know and has a crush on keeps ignoring my message since new year i dont know why and i dont want to judge her either,she just see my message then doesnt write back,when i go online she goes offline in a matter of minutes i dont know wha
There's so much venting that I want to do, but I know that it wouldn't solve anything. I am hoping that law of attraction will do it's part in my future, Am I the only Cancer in a emotional roller coaster? Or is there other's going through a rough
I need some advice. I have went on 2 dates with a guy last week who is a libra and they went great. Every time I text him he responds and even when I ask to hangout with him he's always on board. My issue is he never texts me first. He will occasionally s
Hola guys! Leo woman here. I've been seeing this Aries guy for almost a year now, and I still can't understand him. I ignore him, he comes running after me, texting me loads of love declarations "I love you. I miss you. I'll change, I promise. Le
First off I'm a Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon, and my boyfriend is a Gemini sun Aquarius moon. If you want any other aspects just ask. Anyway, we haven't been together that long, about a year (on and off) but before our relationship started we were close
So I am gay, and my sisters boyfriends sister has really intrigued me. I think she is beautiful, and I think she has a feeling that i like her. She has a boyfriend, and they have been dating for 4 years, so its pretty serious; however, I have this weird v
Go on I need something silly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaLdLlOfnLQ She is Taurus he is Capricorn. :-)
Hello everyone Me and and a scorpio guy were friends for a while. He wanted to be in a relationship with me but i refused. Since then, we've kept the contact limited. Yesterday, we met at a friends party (after 1 year) and we said hi, general qu
Gems always come back .. Whether it's a friendship or relationship .. It never fails .. At least not with me
ENFP You don’t enjoy sex if you don’t have an emotional connection with your partner. That being said, you connect emotionally with just about everyone you meet so this isn’t really a problem for you. You’re a warm and enthusiastic lover who enjoys exp
There was a thread about forgiveness like a few weeks ago. And I've been inspired by the thread made by @DickButt called "Apologizing".. When a child sneaks a cookie from the cookie jar and gets reprimanded, the child would then apologize as they are cond
I don't know any in real life. They're like enigmas. Never worked with any either. I thought we could get to know each other. What is your sun moon and merc? What sign is your spouse? What sign is your bff? If you're a real Aries I probab
What do you think? I think calling especially women easy and too easy is bollocks. That you need to challenge people, act like you're not interested and availeble, not have sex, to get someone to like you is madness. If you like someone, you want to