What kind of food would you serve for Dxpers

By HamstheticsMay 30, 2021 9:14pm — 40 replies
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Financial leechers
i dont understand how some people can financially continuously overgive to their relatives who literally dont give a single shit back theyre so ungrateful yet some people dont bat and eye and keep financially providing for them it makes no sense to
This site needs more Leo mooners
face the truth batman and superman are nothing without their villains so are we the angelic and heroic pisces mooners who also needs our own adversaries and challenges to shines more brightly
Let's watch: What Would You Do?
because this place is dead asf https www youtube com watch v kvutyuiwbwu
"I like your energy"
what does that even mean when somebody tells you this yesterday i had a video call with someone who works for a company that i have been working on and off for over the past 6 years i work as a freelancer so most of my work is remote and i never met th
Weird Amazon finds
post the weirdest things you have found on amazon please
...And this is why I REFUSE to use the NYC Subway system
https www youtube com watch v cmfunm8zv-8 amp t 4s https www youtube com watch v 6mlv9nz-cae https www youtube com watch v ywwyzwsviry https www youtube com watch v j cp3tzwll0 https www youtube com watch v 4j4hr2zjuju
Apple - Largest Modern Day Slave Holder
https youtu be 5yqrzo4usjk if people only knew how many customers would apple lose too bad the government is in on this a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favour rather than silver and gold proverbs 22 - 1
I have a hard time saying NO to people. Can anyone here relate to me?
i admit that i have a problem i feel stupid for being too nice almost like a doormat for everyone when people ask me for favors i have a hard time saying no out of fear of turning people down i feel that people only like you if you say yes to every
She aborted the baby cause it woulda been a Sag
bish i am hollering cause sagittarius is one of the most popular signs to be i can get with planning a baby based on astrology but if you ve already crossed the bridge aborting it is kinda crazy but hey that s a discussion between her and her maker
Where do you want to move to, and why?
where des moines iowa why lower crime rate nicer people currently living in nyc