who is he?

By KrabssFebruary 2, 2022 3:33pm — 84 replies
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What is the nicknames your family, lovers and friends have called you?
and which ones you loved and hated the most fav dian hated boris
What do you think?
being a codependent not good being an empath bullshit youre probably hypervigilant youre traumatized youve got at the very least ptsd most likely complex ptsd and youre hypervigilant to the needs of others thats not a good thing tha
Who is the most overrated person of all time for you?
princess diana idk if its because im not a fan of either cancer or white women but i just never understand her appeal of course shes kind and inspirational but isnt that the bare minimum a princess supposedly to do or appear to be
Recs 🚗🛻
soooo im a broke college dropout and i need to figure out what car i wanna get 99 sure im gonna buy new because i dont trust anyone to sell me a used car and not rip me off make my life difficult send me recommendations please and thank you
Professional cry babies
how do you hide it after the deed i ve been having them ugly crying breakdowns and i wanna keep them low key
What names are a big turn-off to you?
for me deborah and its nicknames like debby debo and debs but weirdly enough im fine indifferent with devora h tho
Can A Girl Be Asked A Question This Early?
hi all heres my situation - im 41 years old and single ive dated intermittently over the years but never a serious girlfriend part of what contributed to my situation was taking care of a ill relative for a majority of my 20s i started to d
Is it selfish not to go to my cousin’s wedding during times of Covid?
so i got an invitation because my cousin is getting married in 3 months i think it will be a small wedding with just family and close friend s of the bride and groom the problem is that my aunt the groom s mom is not vaccinated and doesn t believe in