Cap moon friends, Do you get burned out on always being there? Do you get tired of the people you spoil and take care of not appreciating you or failing to show their appreciation? Do you get annoyed that the people who care about you give others attenti
Are all of you this thoughtful?!! CAP MOONS. My sister a cap moon found out I moved to a new place and she rushed over with all new stuff for my place, she didn't ask for anything in return she said it was my house warming gifts! My boyfriend a c
Don’t let me down yer lill’ buggers... I can’t possibly be the only one... 🙏🏻
i love your vibe. i think you guys have finally taken the top spot of my favorite moon in other people.
Any thoughts or advice on how these two work in a relationship? My feeling is that it’s a tough Due to communication issues. This is my boyfriend & I. Was just wondering others experience & see if it’s similar.
Recently started dating a Taurus Moon man. His ex was STICK thin. I'm typically pretty self confident but our body types are so different, seems weird. But investigating this moon I found Taurus placements- especially moon and venus like curves. (I r
how observant are you in general? has it changed as you've gotten older? we get thrown under the bus a lot about being oblivious and not seeing butter right in our faces. curious if that's the reality for a lot of us.
I’m in a season of life where fire moons are aplenty around me. How important is it to you to remain optimistic about life? People? Feelings? Is it a conscious effort to remain optimistic or something that flows naturally? When stress is overbea
What can you guys tell me about a couple who both have moons in Taurus? Cap female, Virgo male.
Which signs do you attract?! and Which signs do you find attractive?! I'm so attracted to Capricorn women..❤(especially sexually) ?? ?? They are so freaky, kinky and hot af. Lawwwwwd ?? ?
What are some similarities and differences? Is there a way to distinguish the two?
What is the hardest moon sign to deal with... What sun sign combo with moon would be the hardest
I just realised my ex Virgo had Pisces moon and we got along amazingly well for a couple of years. Great relationship. n now the Aqua has Pisces moon. So it makes me think that Pisces mooner really brings out the Taurus sun side in me..: the nature side..
There are different types by degrees and other placements (in your chart), now that I'm learning a lil more about this stuff. Do you sing? Do you ever get energized through music (go a lil crazy) Do you take up any dance classes Do you ha
Does Full Moon have any effect on people's feelings / emotions. I would especially like to know if it applies more to people that are Sun square moon or if any particular moon's.
What are some differences in processing emotions between the two? How do you think they express themselves differently? Note: Masculine Moons: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Feminine Moons: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Sc
I’m a Taurus sun Scorpio Moon and pisces rising. What sun/moon signs do you like? I love cancer men. Can be moody but still love them.
Would you remain friendship with an ex? I mean like, ur previous dates or interests? Or do u normally cut the cord? if u remain friends, can u b friends right away after things finish?
Especially when it comes to attraction (more mental and emotionally)
other than scorpio. they don't count.
Sometimes when i'm too stagnant while I have a treetrunk ton of energy my body starts to shut down on me a little and I end up feeling extremely lethargic and lazy. I've got sun in the 12th so it could just be me...? (Sun square pluto might also be it..)
Ughhh I'm so tired of this crap.. Can't express myself hate rejection all that bull... Is there any good that could come
I do notice there are already a few threads dedicated to Aquarius moon so please bear with me on this new thread. I have more specific situation here I would like to talk about Aquarius moon. People who remember me would remember I have a dealing with

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Hello folks. It's that time of the year when we all gather in one topic to show gratitude and shade towards our fellow dxpers and to hand them trophies that are worth gold in internet bragging. Topic will run until this Sunday, the 17th of December
For example, earth ( Taurus, Virgo Capricorn) which one would you choose and why? And water , fire and air...
I was wondering if there are any Libras who are dating and/or involved with a Taurus. According to everything I read and find, we are not supposed to be compatible. While I try NOT to let this be the focus of my relationship, I am curious to know if the
I have been having dreams of this man. The first time I saw him I felt attracted to him. Still to this day I don’t know what type of attraction it is. But it’s like I knew him. His personality: seems like a loner, never really talks to anyone, always lo
My car broke down this morning(30 degrees outside), so I call my boyfriend (Virgo) who is very knowledgeable about cars, and I tell him I’m stranded and I ask if he can come give me a jump so I can get to a mechanic (bf was 4 miles away). He tells me ther
Fellow fishes. This is a lounge for Pisces. The Piscean Reef 🎋 Share your dreams, hobbies, anything! Daydreams ! When you need somewhere to escape. This is a judgement free zone 🚷 Be respectful to peoples feelings 😘 I noticed some other signs had
So I feel the need to inform all of you that I am essentially "going away". Not for good but probably for a significant amount of time. Firstly, I have mentioned before that I am buying a new gaming PC. In order to help fund this, I am selling my current
On December 19th, the end of this flawless year, I won't be receiving a dick in a box like I had hoped and prayed to Santa for, but I will be receiving the gift of Saturn leaving my flaw-free Moon sign. I will no longer have to deal with big, hard, mean,
So my dad called me yesterday telling me that he’s flying me out on Friday, to go spend some time with him. (AWKWARD) Anyways....he’s being abnormally clingy and nice, my intuition is telling me he has some kind of news for me. I feel like he’s goi
......or singing :) @WarAngel1 came up with this idea and asked me to create a thread Vocaroo a poem, passage from a book, a song, a quote, Christmas carols etc Everyone welcome ... Don't be shy :P. Will be back later to post something found my answer... omg.. so sad LOL ---- so conflicting... pfff
From movies, tv series etc. Post them here. Doesn't have to be a Virgo actor/actress, just the behavior or the scene itself has to have that certain je ne sais quoi qui dit Vierge.
If you want, @ somebody and serenade them with your flawless vocals. el oh el. Let's go guys.
Substitutional thread for : - do you - teena-ing -Jed jokes - place for us to mess around - place for us to meet up - place for us to drink.....tea or something stronger - and much more *wink* *wink* @SkiesAfire @Whiskey_in_a_bar
I made the Aries take the personality test and he turned out to be an ENTP, which is supposed to be one of my ideal matches according to this website He is the Debater and I, the Architect according
To the lovely ladies... At the beginning stages of the relationship/intimate or friend Which one would you prefer... A.) A man that, when you say something that is kind of offensive to him, he stays silent about it, stores it away in his mind