You know. As much butter as I give Scorp moons, I think actually that while it is Cancer that rules the moon. All water signs are best placed in the moon rather than the sun. Especially for someone who doesn't have a water sun too. I mean when you think
Are you clingy at first? Do you have unrealistic expectations in relationships?
Which signs do you attract?! and Which signs do you find attractive?! I'm so attracted to Capricorn women..❤(especially sexually) 😍😰 💋👅 They are so freaky, kinky and hot af. Lawwwwwd 👄👅 💦
Not sure if anyone else had a relationship like this before but if so how'd it go? I know that virgos usually love scorpios, but i usually find them to be too up my ass but this one isn't. I attract cancer moons a lot, but they usually go into their shell
How do you feel about a partner that's clingy and loves a lot of your attention / affection?
A Scorpio moon or cap moon Both are Aries suns 1) when it comes to getting over a fight (saying sorry) 2) saying hi/ approach for the first time 3) breaking up first
1) fire 2) water 3) air 4) earth I think fire moon signs are extremely aggressive and make it know Water signs either give you angry looks or a puppy dog look I have had crushes on all water moon signs. They make a lot of emotional faces Ear
I've never thought about actually doing it but every time I get really sad and feel unsatisfied with my life it just crosses my mind. I would never dare or want to do it but these thoughts scare me quite a bit sometimes
What is your sun, moon, mars and venus sign? And what are signs are you attracted to in those planets? For me: Sun: Aries Moon: capricorn Mars- Aquarius Venus- pisces What I like Sun: Leo men Moon: Scorpio Mars- capricorn or Scorpio V
That I get along with every single moon sign ? That's almost like saying I get along with every type of emotion there is .. 👀
Do we tend to show what we want to show and hide different sides of us? What do you guys have to say on that?
Im a Virgo moon but for some reason Sag moons are always attracted to me and take a particular interest in me. Men that have gone after me aggressively have been sag moons. Do they like Virgo moons? Or are they attracted to other things in my chart? lol W
I initially always find myself attracted to Gemini sun males (especially at first sight)...... but for some reason, IDK if I could be with one long term... I feel like they represent too much of my inner struggles that I'm trying to overcome and they make
Do you tend to get over people quickly? Is it hard for you to trust people? To love people? I'm an Aries sun and cap moon and feel this way all the time. I only cared for three men in my whole life time. I still to this day care about all three of them.
How aloof are we??? And to those who may be dating us, I do apologise . Trust we try our hardness to show our emotion or to express them but we still enjoy the feeling of not being too attached... like staying above the cloud and just analyse the crap out
It's so awesomely powerful, fun, and lively. I just want to be a depressed scorpio moon so badly but it'll never happen because my leo moon is a bowl of sunshine Why😭😭😭😭😭
I tend to always either attract water signs or they hate me a lot. I'm an Aries sun, cap sun, venus pisces and mars aqua. The other placents in my chart are mostly cap except Virgo in Jupiter. It's mostly the Pisces sun or Pisces mooners that try and get
You are some of the most respectful ppl out here. Thank u

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Care to share your experiences with either sign? I seem to attract a whole lot of Gems throughout my dating life! Not to mention most of my friendship groups consist of these wonderful creatures I'm curious to know that if it has anything to do wit
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Between cancer, aries or leo for romantic relationship? And yes it's only based on just sun sign for now. *especially for aqua ladies
How disappointed are you when your cancer man drinks? It just hurts on a deeper level. To see him transforming into another mental state. How much hurt cancer men have to drink that away or to know that their loved one feel sad about it..
I have been thinking about the significance of Cancerian energy in my life...Four of the most important people ever in my life have a moon in Cancer. This includes both of my parents, my childhood bestfriend, and my current bestfriend. Also my most recent
Boyfriend's birthday is coming and I want to make it a great night for him in and out of bed I need to learn the third verse and the outro one of these days. But they're hard as butter, though. Made a playlist for us tell me what you think... it's ongoing too. Spotify is preferred btw..
I'm sure it means something just having a hard time finding it. Likely a vocabulary issue. 89 degrees to be exact.
So i talked to this guy months ago then for some reasons (work and business stuff) we stopped talking. And just last week he emailed me again asking if we could meet for coffee or dinner. We texted this morning and he just told me that it's his birthda
The leo I am involved with I take full responsibility for how I got myself in this situation with him. I had just gotten out of a 4 yr relationship with a Scorpio (30) and basically I was just dating and having fun. I met a 24yr old leo male, that should
The man/woman shoots another... The man/woman notices the same wound/shot done to him/her in an instant... What if this world had instant immediate reverse consequences to violence... How long will it take for us to rise above wasting energy ye
And now I just can't sleep. I sooooo need this vacation. I don't think the Scorpio is too excited I'm going! Haha Let's hope I don't get a hangover the first night and ruin my damn trip! 😘😘😘 My outfits are fire! I'm most excited about that!
So me and this guy have been dating for like a year now before this we were like best friends. Its all good when we meet up, it's fun and we get along for the most part, he'l constantly make fun of me in a friendly teasing way of course and takes care of
So me and this guy have been dating for like a year now before this we were like best friends. Its all good when we meet up, it's fun and we get along for the most part, he'l constantly make fun of me in a friendly teasing way of course and takes care of
Ok so I think it's a given that guys don't care if their friends are lookers or not, but I've started seeing a different pattern with girls and it's pretty sad. I've seen this A LOT but I will specifically bring up two cases here. So there's one gir
My current partner and anger issues. Usually it's quick and dissolves quickly. The anger is never geared towards me. But sometimes he gets mad at others and it totally affects his mood. He becomes completely stubborn and fixated on his anger and madness.
Is it true that men find cancer femmes to be enigmas or is that a myth?