Anyone who is or have been in this type of relationships, how did it work? What are the positive and negative points from your perspectives?
What's up with Taurus moon/Scorpio sun combo chooses Scorpio sun women? is it the Mars too and the Venus. When astrologers say that for men it's the Venus and Moon for long term durability, I noticed a pattern, with Taurus moon, their long ter
any thoughts on these placement as a couple? Pros and cons any previous experience?...
Now, I'm only asking this because it's becoming troublesome. For the last half a year, I've been attracting them. 4 out of six guys who asked me out have this placement. Just... Why? And usually these are the really steady types, not ones to hurl emoti
I know a lot about cap sun,but too little about cancer moon.How this moon affects him?
Greetings (: So basically im a "standard" most parts of the description with the clear exception of one. im Totally not a lady killer and would never lead anyone for fun.I definitely see love as something serious so im very patient...anywa
Anyone whose sun and moon signs are both fixed? Mine is sun in scorpio, moon in taurus. Do you ever feel intense and powerful?
I feel like I'm way too aloof and insensitive compared to him !!! even though he has sun in Aqua though his Venus and moon r in Pisces.. he's super seeet and caring and sensitive and attentive where I can be that though the aloofness does take over.. what
Aries man moon in Capricorn.. how are they ? What do they expect from relationships? How to handle them. ?
Okay so even those oblivious to things such as "moon placement" in astrology we are always known as being the "Responsible ones", the ones for "advice", and making sound decisions. Even if people don't like nor love us they still can't deny that we always
Hi, i was curious if anyone had any experience with leo sun, capricorn moon, scorpio rising people? I have been searching online for a while but came up empty handed. I'm fairly new to all the astrology stuff, so, i was wondering if you guys could share s
Give your opinion of those with their Moon in the same sign as your Sun. State your Sun Sign.
Does anyone else feel this? I have a cancer sun and the only thing I've experienced from that is mood swings. I feel like a leo 90% of the time.. not at all a cancer. Leo moon Leo mercury Leo mars Leo Jupiter Cancer sun Just want to hear abo
I read this and feel identified 100% but I also found that most of these characteristics are for Aquarius. I'm an Aqua with Aqua Sun Gemini Moon... Cool, Witty, Changeable People born with the Moon in Gemini are always changing their mood. they are
What moon signs are you most attracted to & Why? I read somewhere that there are certain attractions that can't be helped. For example, as a leo moon.. I almost always find myself becoming really attracted to aries moons & a lot of my fellow leo mooners
Ok yall let it all out! Whatever emotion you are feeling today! Even if it doesn't make sense. Milk those moons. Ok I will go first. I woke up in a panic this morning because I know I need a second job or I am going to loose my apartment, but I also k
Two Scorpio moons, how do we think this would work? I can see other moon signs that are the same doing really well but as a Scorpio moon myself, I'm not sure about this one. Not to feed the stereotype but we do have a bit of a rep. Just wondering everyone
I'm just curious to see if there's anyone out there that has this pairing or knows any couple of this pairing. Tried it before with a Pisces sun and it didn't work, I think the double water combo was too much. But this guy I've been getting to kno
I had this for breakfast [img][/img] I am a witch [img][/img] I am part of a secret organization [img][/img] I know everything about you [img]http://i.i
I do that butter way too much but sometimes I just need to organize my thoughts and things that I need to finish and get done and I can't do that when I'm trying to stroke other peoples egos. Like I don't want to be around them and be fake and pretend a m
What are the main differences? The reason I am asking is because a couple months back I re-checked the chart of a guys I used to *admire*, and who I thought was Cancer moon (I swear Cafe Astrology told me so). On my rechecking, I got Leo moon! How in
Strictly for Pisces moon! How are you guys feeling lately? Be specific , thank u 😝

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What was the zodiac sign of the "One that got away" in your life?... if any.
Of all the damn Zodiacs, i must say... i see Cancers with Fire signs the most. Runner up would be virgo. So, with that being said... 1. what fire sign are you most attracted to? 2. which fire sign do you attract the most? 3. which fire sign do you g
Cancer man contacted me again and I told him that I would just like to be his friend to f*** him once or twice a week and that I didn't want a relationship because I had someone else who I was somewhat seeing and the only reason I say this is because he s
Was curious to see if that's really possible with any dxp Scorpio here ~_~ How do you see succes in live, how did you reached succes in life ? what is success in life ? most of the time, when i achieved something i didnt felt anything, each steps in life, i have the feeling that you have to
I was trying to come up with a funny new name for Ands because I'm bored, so I Google-searched "thigh gap" and I found that I don't know what one is. Is it a body shape with a big koochie gap, like this?
So I'm at a party with my guy bestfriend and one of his buddies tries to grab my ass and rub on me. I kindly tell him he's out of pocket and to keep his hands to himself. He proceeds to call me a cookiemonster and say he'll slap me to which I prepared to defend m
The Part of Fortune represents worldly success and is associated with the physical body and health as well. It can be indicative of the career or vocation. The condition and placement of the ruling planet of the Part of Fortune (that is, the natural ruler
The warrior goddess, Pallas Athene is connected with inner strength and intuition, directing energy away from emotional and into mental pursuits. Pallas represents a feminine spirit of independence and cool mental judgment in either a man’s or a woman’s
By any chance do you have any insight on their reckless driving bullbutter, im going to court tomorrow for it what can I expect? Im from out of state. Pulled over for speeding and feel like im being treated like a criminal
Are they of any use to you? If so, what's the thinking behind them? I met someone who's Rising sign progressed into the 9th harmonic with their Midheaven. In the end, it said this was kicking off a time in their life where either they let down all wall
And they just fail lol I put a rant on social media complaining that my local mall has absolutely nothing that I would go out of my way to buy because nothing fits and nothing matches my fashion sense.....I only go to thrift stores and get basics from
placement in Mars for indecisiveness. Can't stand it :P
I’ve been reading all the messages here as for a long time, before I decided to post again. Gemini sun, Taurus moon, Cancer venus, Leo Mars. Nothing really changed between us since 2013. Me still having lingering feelings, which I truly hate, and she (c
I’ve been reading all the messages here as for a long time, before I decided to post again. Gemini sun, Taurus moon, Cancer venus, Leo Mars. Nothing really changed between us. Me still having lingering feelings, which I truly hate, and she (cancer/Tauru
Astrologers always say that a 12th house placement is really powerful as this relates to some kind of gift from the heaven to the chart owner but this house is said to be related to hidden things and the subconscious so how can someone unfold these gifts?
and when you have it, you don't want it with the same intensity?
I've been married for the past two years to a Libra, but lately I developed feelings for this Scorpio guy (I too am a Scorpio). The thing is, he has been staring hard at me everytime we met for the past two years, however I kept aloof since he is a family
I am never truly happy if i am not working and making money. I find sex to be very important and it should be mastered. I love it when others enjoy food i cook, or work that i perform for them in general. Easy going, but hard headed and stubborn as fuc
The asexual throw pillow of control