Scorpio Moons..

what's the craziest thing you ever secretly did when you liked someone?
  • Posted by Cancan26
    opened up too quickly
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    dumbest thing I have ever done Sad


    I did that once with the girl

    I just mentioned .

    Timing really is everything.
  • I personally sometimes try to synchronize the songs I listen to on Spotify with the girl I still have feelings for.

    Even though we live at opposite ends of the country

    it as if we are in the same room together..listening to the same song.

  • Cancan26
    in the name of the moon cookiemonster this is a stick up...
    opened up too quickly
    User Submitted Image
    dumbest thing I have ever done Sad
  • what's the craziest thing you ever secretly did when you liked someone?
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