If the world's about to end right now, what song do you wanna play?

while it happens coz hey why not?
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  • sierra_
    who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?
    while it happens

    coz hey why not?
  • sierra_
    who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?
  • TheTinMan
    The charming gif king 😛
    I don't know. Not jazz that's fo sure. Like I wouldn't want my last music on earth that'll bring tears to my eyes. I wanna play something happy. I'll post my last song later.
  • Taniwha
    I'm gonna listen to the world ending because I bet it sounds treetrunking beautiful.

  • pisceswoman123
    🌞Aquafish 🌕Taurus ❤️ Aries ASC Virgo
  • pisceswoman123
    🌞Aquafish 🌕Taurus ❤️ Aries ASC Virgo
    Posted by clownloyal

    Love that song 😊
  • Neno2
    28 years old male from Somewhere born 17 November
    Posted by sierra_
    while it happens

    coz hey why not?

    the perfect circle-passive😃

    "Dead as dead can be my doctor telk me"😃love the song
  • TheTinMan
    The charming gif king 😛
  • TheTinMan
    The charming gif king 😛
    Posted by TheTinMan

    Hey I know this ain't a happy song but it's my favorite song I would love to hear for the very last time. Yeah it's a slow drag love song made perfectly to sing to your lover. Well at least this would be the song I will wanna sing to my girl before the world ends at least.

  • OneKnight
    Sun: Cancer Rising: Leo Venus: Leo
    39 years old male from NJ, USA
    Show Must Go On - Queen.
  • Either some sort of AC/DC back in black some
    butter, or Jesus loves me. It’s going either way depending on my mood
  • Nightcap-
    Cap sun - Aqua rising - Aries moon
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