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AdreamuponwakingJanuary 2, 2018 9:35am
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  • Andalusia
    Phat Lisa Loeb

  • Sometimes I flip the radio to a different song when this comes on even though this is a great song - when you think about the lyrics - they are disturbing.

  • DeadInside
    they'll bend the knee
  • Raakac
    Sun : Cancer | Moon : Sagittarius | Mercury : Cancer | Venus : Leo
    This one a deeper one

    This one is kinda fun Big Grin

  • [Verse 1]
    Wendell Walker was a friend of mine
    We'd stain our teeth in the summertime
    And with lips of purple, the winter would roll
    Past the boarded windows into our souls
    And shake our weary bones
    Now this past winter was the coldest in years
    It's hard to explain if you've never lived here
    But it locks your doors and starts your mind
    Thinking in circles just to pass the time
    And breaks your weary heart
    Now Wendell Walker was a man of God
    But he didn't care much for his sober mind
    And when the cold mixed in he was turned around
    Heard the voice of God and the angels sound
    A message just for him:

    "My son, my son, she is the devil's child
    Won't you save her while you can
    Cut down the other man"

    [Verse 2]
    Now Wendell Walker was a friend of mine
    But he married too young in the summertime
    Their hearts weren't ripe so they fell apart
    And I found myself with a joyful heart
    As our secret lives began
    We found our moments in between the hours
    When Wendell Walker drove his car to town
    But one day he found a letter that I wrote for her
    On the top of her dresser and in his winter mind
    He heard the voice of God say:

    "My son, my son, she is the devil's child
    Won't you save her while you can
    Cut down the other man"

    [Verse 3]
    With the voice of the lord ringing in his ears
    And the note to his wife that confirmed his fears
    He sat down on the edge of the bed
    Read the letter again to see who'd sent it
    But it was signed 'forever yours'
    He stood up slow like he'd just been hit
    Walked into the kitchen where his wife was sitting
    He said, "my mother called on the telephone
    She says she needs some help so I'll be back in the morning"
    And he grabbed his heavy coat
    My phone rang while I was watching the news
    She said the house was ours to cure these winter blues
    So I made my way, and we turned the blinds
    And Wendell walked in just in time
    To see our secret die and say:

    "My son, my son I'm gonna have to cut you down"
    He pointed his rifle to my eyes
    But his hesitating hands
    Were shaking from the cold
    So I pushed his gun away
    Just as he found his strength
    And the bullet kissed her lips
    And I cried:
    "My god, my god what have I done?"
    And he reloaded his gun
    And he put it in his mouth
    And I stood in the room that I'd created
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    official lyric video

    LMAO I remember Gus.
  • HeavyEntertainmentShow
    Even when I lose...I win.

    official lyric video
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