Song of the moment.

Post whatever you feel like. A song of the moment, the day, the month, the year. Figured i better stop spamming the front page all the time lol Came across this guy a few months back and just dig his music. https:/
Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
d e l i r i o u s 💭
The charming gif king 😛
23 years old female
My Leo Venus is feeling this song rn
"*** female, Married, i'm Aqua/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,to Scorpio/Leo/Sag/Virgo.
"*** female, Married, i'm Aqua/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,to Scorpio/Leo/Sag/Virgo.

lead singer is a virgo .haha

from Dublin, Ireland

For the lads. 11:40 and onward. Best live show on earth.

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