Path 6 and 7.

Will it work or well, just drown ?
27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
Posted by colossalfairy
Freddie Prinze Jr. ( 7 ) and SMG ( 6 ) seem to be doing okay

Your gunna jinx em!!
Fire dominant
Freddie Prinze Jr. ( 7 ) and SMG ( 6 ) seem to be doing okay
27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
Both numbers need to have the same spiritual base.
Substance abuse can be an issue aswell.
Its a relationship that takes an uphill climb in order for it to be sustainable.
7s can be sooo hard headed and when a 6 has something important to communicate the 7 will tune the 6 out leaving them hurt.
Scorpio. Virgo Moon. Mercury - Scorpio.
Will it work or well, just drown ?

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