Personal Development

  • Forgiveness Renewal

    As 2018 is coming to an end, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting into who I am, who I’m becoming and the peace I need to feel so I can move forward. This year has been a rough one, from the beginning of January I fell in the shower.. hurting my shoul
  • Cancer 'I'm Here For You' Rising

    How Crab Rising deludes itself "However, alliance with the category of belief that has come to be known as politically correct is strongly predicted by agreeableness (particularly compassion). What this appears to mean is that agreeable people strongly
  • Why Am I always the one who gets dumped?

    I always try so hard not to do the mistakes i did in the past relationship.. I always try to learn and be better and ready .. and I try not to get too attached or needy so i can move on easier if it didnt work out .. But I feel like No matter how hard I
  • Closure

    Would you seek out closure when an emotional connection is at its end but the other party keeps dancing around the topic? Is it worth it? For those who ghosts, why? Is the closure that intimidating? Did you just not care enough? Or too busy with your new
  • For those who inquired about twin flames

    Please watch this and she has more of stuff that’s good... Just look up by her name.