Am I successful?

By Scotteh007January 8, 2019 6:50pm — 9 replies

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What age does ur penis stop growing?
the last time i measured was in high school back then i was 7 or 8 so now i should be like 9 right or as you get older does the opposite happen amp does ur dick shrink which would making me a 6 inspired by virgoop posting all that hoe shit
Surprise suprise
it happened again whorpio trusted the wrong person and got burned y all remember that virgo i inquired about a few weeks ago because i wanted to be her friend yeah well that friendship didn t work out she bullied me to the point of tears and her libr
Excel Macros
if youre thinking about getting creative and making a macros enabled workbook in excel to send to someone just go fuck yourself
Why Am I always the one who gets dumped?
i always try so hard not to do the mistakes i did in the past relationship i always try to learn and be better and ready and i try not to get too attached or needy so i can move on easier if it didnt work out but i feel like no matter how hard i
For those who inquired about twin flames
please watch this and she has more of stuff that s good just look up by her name
Jordan Peterson
this guys got the patience of a fucking saint how does he not lose his hope in humanity given the stupidity he constantly surrounds himself with ive never seen him truly lose his temper once is he a cyborg one day i hope to achieve his level of exce
Anti Depressants for Situational Depression
the fallout of the dramas from may june is really taking its toll on me physically and emotionally i m struggling to recover even with weekly therapy to assist me my therapist hasn t suggested using anything but maybe i would benefit anyone use medi
2018 is so far best year of my adult life. How has it measured up for you?
the concept of time is a facade but lets discuss this calendar year for me- this year i worked hard on my mental health changed my diet to 90 10 vegan became comfortable being alone worked hard and got a 10k raise at work raised my credit score 100
Self help books...
whats everyone opinion on them has anyone read them did you find them helpful useful i have an odd stigma against them always thought they were for the weak minded or sheep but lately ive been looking into them any suggestions would be appreciated
My friends blacklisted me...
ive been losing sleep over this matter and having terrible anxiety fueled nightmares for the last month my friends have been pushing me out it actually wasnt a gradual push they just kind of ghosted me out of nowhere ive tried texting them ill w