Have you ever seen a former reject who scored due to...

By MonaLisa26August 8, 2022 2:27pm — 6 replies

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Do you believe (some) people can change?
i ask this based on the forgive and forget thread do you believe someone can change i know i didn t until i had the right catalyst but i did and for the better will you always see someone the same way if they slighted you no matter what would you gi
Just sharing. Some might need it
https fb watch dxclmuigme fs e amp s cl
6 red flags you need to avoid in relationship
esther perel again with her wisdom on relationships fresh take and for those with thinking abilities - a gift https fb watch dvmrhh2cx3
Wedding vows
i was reading whorpio post thinking - i had never heard anything about loving only one woman or man and be faithful to each other i never said vows also i am exploring dr esther perels work and she is mentioning constantly that marriage was not about
Aaron Doughty love meditation the no contact
i found this last night and i am not sure if he is a relationship guru but he has a lot of videos so he must know something https youtu be tpm24lh0z3c fb has his video aaron doughty love meditation the no contact which i liked see for yourself
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relationship consultant steve geyer assuring us that men have this god given gift to think about nothing he said driving with his wife she asking sometimes what are you thinking and he said inviting all men in audience to answer and everybody co
Guys! NEVER look at your DICK…
and say thats it girls will do it for you don t sweat a small stuff
Suck a Dick or…Lee him forget you
ok those women who said whew - gtfo scorpio years later we had so much i can remember like what the way you went down on me really how come i was looking at you and you seemed enjoyed it so much i can t forget your face and your lips on my dick ca
Self love
i remember sitting by the mirror brushing my hair looking at my face thinking god had never created more beautiful woman i was extremely discreet and happy with myself inside myself not telling anybody that i am so special and one of a kind keeping it a
I am happy just because…
i want to say i am happy just because i am with my mom cooking food waiting for our little one coming home tomorrow to eat food we made for her and be with us for a day talking shit and laugh about life in general simple thing nothing significant just 3