What color is your aura?

By cerseiJanuary 9, 2022 3:24am — 39 replies
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Virgos and Cancers, are you sad that you are not Leos?
i met it more than once that people who were born on leo cusp--on july 22-23 or august 22-23--and found out that because of their time of birth they were not leos were very sad about it is it cooler and more chic to be a leo than a cancer or a virgo
Your wish for 2022
hey all going into the new year what do you want for yourself i want to be motivated to get back into playing the piano again and opening up my creative mind i think it will align my thoughts more often
how hard would this be for a partner to handle is it a matter of being understanding or ways to handle so you aren t the target of reactions i really am the type of person who will be understanding but at the same time i want to be treated well go
"Spiritual" versus "Human self" self-identity
so i woke up last night and was up thinking about this cheers to libra to scorpio season moving planets out of my 12th house and into the 1st house i believe that we are all spiritual beings soul self having a human experience human self while th
Grieving tips
how have y all dealt with missing someone i guess kind of like grieving someone i know my saggie friend and i are both trying not to think about someone so any tips from anyone
Constructive self-criticism
to celebrate the sun moon and mars currently in virgo let us feast in discussing how we self-criticize ourselves to become a better person i shall start i am constantly criticizing myself for what i eat as im trying to limit any kind of processed fo
How do you feel about the statement….
you cannot suffer the past or future because they do not exist what you are suffering is your memory and imagination i just shared this quote with virguy because it came up on ig and has always been one of my favs from growing up i ve always found
New Vent thread
recently i slightly get annoyed by people who using their choice to be a vaxxer as an excuse for being arrogant holier than thou self-righteous a-holes who is suddenly so insensitive oblivious and clueless of human nature even though im a vaxxer myse
The Collateral Beauty in Life...
sometimes unspoken truths must be shared in order for the better of the collective conscious if you find no beauty in life its because you cant see the beauty in yourself there is not one person who doesnt suffer loss death heartbreak betrayal