Personality Types

  • Which one are you? State your MBTI type too if you know it.
  • @Koniuchaa - calm Scorpio whom I would like to stress out and make her BURST! Once! @Teena - calm Scorpio young woman who should be teaching elementary school kids of kindness and watch them not to touch each other body parts @EvilHair - old rabbit
  • Are you the First born in your family? Or are you the baby? Or do you fall somewhere in the Middle. Go ahead and throw in your moon sign, and anything else you think may be relevant.
  • Is it motivation? Is that enough? A strong will and positivity? It's hard to change, but sometimes it is harder to be the same person. is it sufferings? When you are sick of yourself. Sick to wake up and be the same mediocre man. What pushe
  • I have a friend who is an introvert. He doesn't like initiating texts or phone calls and has been very clear about it from day one. I initiate 9/10 times but I feel like I am interfering with his schedule. Same happens with phone calls. Also when i ini
  • Does anyone on the forums have this diagnosis? I had my first date with a bipolar guy last Friday but we've been chatting for a long time. He's been upfront about it and comes across as very pro active regarding medication and healthy lifestyle choices. B
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