Where all the NARCISSISTS came from

By MonaLisa26June 27, 2022 1:16pm — 42 replies
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i like the guy something about him is ok but when i look at his close ups on tv - his face is always seems covered in dry saliva and his eyes seems like having dry tears and his body language says he isn t well i read about him his drugs and mental stu
Any ENTJs?
hey everyone entj aries sun cap moon here my mind is cluttered i need to organize my surroundings for my personal things or ill go crazy inside can any other entj relate and what sign are you curious to see how the sign and personality type
"Here's What Makes You Dangerous, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type"
the enfp there are a lot of stereotypes about enfps they are often portrayed as the lovable but disorganized goofballs who always have a smile for everyone memes about these types usually include rainbows unicorns and confetti but real genuine enfps
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source https pairedlife com compatibility signs-your-crush-likes-you-through-texting-myers-briggs-version infj an infj is hard to read when it comes to texting you know you are doing well with an infj if they text you back consistently keep in mind
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i was always wondering what was the correlation between this two and how one affected the other if at all what exactly determines our personality types and what dictates who and what are we and im not talking about external forces solely based on
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to get a bit away from all the dry theory of the types i thought it might help to have some videos of two types interacting with each other as a means to get a more tangible impression entp the bald one and infj fluffy hair https youtu be j5wub p6
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what hurts you what irritates you what makes you happy etc
What are you experiences with jealous and insecure people?
ive always had haters since 8th grade lol before because i was outgoing and friendly now its because im making great money as an adult boss and manager are hating big time employees too they see my numbers going up so high even im surprised i c
who here is this personality type im trying to get an understanding of the traits how career minded are you how important are relationships to you how emotional are or arent you thanks https www 16personalities com entj-strengths-and-weakn
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based off my experience with a certain gemini plus some other air sighs but mostly that gemini this is spot on and rather disconcerting https youtu be rd4 5rkcqy