How to know that a Pisces girl loves you?

My best friend is a Pisces girl. We both work in the same place. She is acting wierd off late. She used to be interac
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My best friend is a Pisces girl. We both work in the same place. She is acting wierd off late. She used to be interactive with me both at work and away. But recently, I see a marked difference in the way she interacts with me. She doesn't interact or acknowledge me at all at work or when we are with others. But when we are alone, she talks. And she is getting annoyed or irritated when I talk to some other lady. She is getting all wired up if I don't text her or if my text is short.

Like I said, she is my best friend and until now I didn't think anything different. And friendship shouldn't be complicated? But with her recent behavior, my intuition says may be she likes me more than a friend? I am just so confused. I don't know what to make out of it.
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It sounds to me like she might be developing more feelings for you. You have to keep in mind ... Pisces, especially the females, live within their environment, they adapt to survive (or swim) .. so, if she hasn't swam away from you, then she is being effected by how you treat her.

Being a Libra, you are naturally flirty .. a social butterfly, of sorts. And though under ordinary circumstances that involve a platonic relationship, a Pisces wouldn't get upset about this .. however, if she has feelings for you, and hasn't expressed them to you yet, then she might become withdrawn over you being flirty with other people, eventhough it's perfectly innocent.

A Pisces girl, and probably the men also, won't really come right out and verbally 'say' that they are into you .... you will know she feels this way about you because she will wrap her world around you.

Since she lives within her environment .. she will make you her environment, she will tell you everything, include you in everything, share her feelings with you about everything, want to eat lunch with you, want to have her morning coffee with you .... in essence, she will make you feel like you are her King.

But, not necessarily say words of clarification. A Pisces/Libra combo can work, so long as both realize that P will express emotionally, while L will express mentally.

What stands out to me is how she has seperated herself from you while in the presence of others .. this is an indication to me that she has to remove herself from her environment of you at these times because of her feelings for you. A Pisces won't do that if they still only have friend feelings.

But, if they have feeling you on a higher level kind of feelings for you, and because they only know how to exist within these feelings for you ..... she would definitely feel compelled to remove herself, and attempt to wrap her world around you privately.
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That stumps me! She is married?!?
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If she's married, and has feelings for you ... then she has already emotionally swam away from her spouse, even if she is still physically with him.

We can only feel one person at a time on this level .. that is .. IF she is feeling you on this higher level emotionally, and it sounds like she is because she has removed herself from you in public, while making you her world in private.

That ^^^ is something a Piscean would do if we loved somebody but the situation was either complicated, or if we thought the other person didn't understand how deeply in our hearts they went.
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If what you want is to just be regular friends with this woman, then I suggest you stop private interactions on a constant basis, and just socialize with her periodically. If she is, or has, developed higher feelings for you emotionally and you don't want to reciprocate these back to her ... then to continue interacting privately on an emotional level will only make her take you deeper into her dream.

You probably don't understand what I mean by "dream", and you don't have to understand if you don't have intentions on developing a relatinship with her .. you just have to trust me.

If you like her as a friend and don't want her to get hurt, then back off long enough to let her dream be edited without you in it.
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I trust you P-Angel. I've seen your responses to many of the threads around here and your contribution amazes me!

She is my very good friend and I love her that way. If love is all she needs, I don't have any issues. But I can't promise her anything beyond that as I have a family of my own.

Noticeable changes I saw in her are that she talks a LOT about her husband to me, both about good and bad things. She even talks about matters privy to her bedroom. And she is becoming kind of unpredictable. She will talk about herself only when she wants to. For example, if last evening she was talking about something and if I talk anything on those lines today, I won't get a response! Another thing is that, I see the easy comfort feeling that you will have when you are with your friend, is missing.

Until now she never 'said' anything to me to indicate that she is looking at me as more than a friend. I can't even think that it could be an affair seeing that she NEVER made any physical advances towards me and as much wierd she can be, I don't get a feeling that she will. If what you are saying is the case, what probably is going through her mind seeing that I am married as well? What will she get out of it?
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lol, I know it's difficult for people to understand this ... but, it sounds like you are her Knight in her dream. Her becoming unpredictable, and only talking about herself at her convience ... this is because she only needs to hear how you feel about the situation at that moment to incorporate it into her fantasy.

What she will get out of it? Life inside the Piscean.

We envision life .. we are perfectly happy inside the illusion. A problem that arises with this is that if the dream continues, then we begin to believe it's real. Which it is real TO US .. I mean, we begin to believe that others are actually living inside this with us, and if this happens then we begin to do as she is doing .. getting upset because you are talking to another female.

We can only swim two ways, and only one at a time .. in real life of your reality, a Pisces swims downstream = unhappy, misery. In fantasy of your reality, which is our real reality, a Pisces swims upstream = happiness, joy, love.

That probably doesn't make sense to you, since you are a Libra .. but, that's how we work. If she is talking to you about her personal matters, and only at her convenience, then this means she is pulling you into her dream of love, so she can swim upstream and be happy inside her illusion of what love means to her.

We do it all the time. We don't really HAVE to live life in the physical form with another person .. we are happy in our heads of what we envision it to be.

Normally, when we do this with another person in which isn't our partner, it is because we have already emotionally swam away from the partner and we are beginning to make our wake upstream, so we can physically leave our partner.

bs4u .. a Piscean lives inside their head, completely .. life is an illusion to us, in which most of us don't even realize and actually think it's real. What I mean by that ... most of us don't realize that everybody else has planned, structured thoughts that pave their way in life .. and we envision life, we run scenerios through like a movie, so we can FEEL how it will turn out, rather than think how it will turn out. And it's obvious to me that 99% of the Fish I know have no awareness that others don't have this envisioned reality, and falsely believe that everybody else does this in their life to make a decision.

I don't know what to tell you about what you need to do about this, except to back off and let her fantasy of you fade.
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I think that .. as you always say.. that if a pisces is fancying you then even if you are completely silly with these things.. as a ___ .. then you WOULDN'T be able to doubt it

Don't you agree?


Yes, I would agree with that if it were the case .. but, from what he said so far, it doesn't sound like she is fancying him like that.

Originally, I thought so .. but, now that he explained more, such as she will talk about personal matters one day and then the next day, these same thoughts are gone, coupled with her behaviour in normal friendship changing to become distant < that is a clear indication that this Pisces lady is creating a fantasy in her head, so she can start her upwards swim.
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Really interesting and profoundly baffling as well!!

- What is she expecting from me or rather how is she expecting me to react?

- Why to talk more about her husband to me if I am the Knight in her dreams?

- She will not be leaving her husband physically, based on what she is saying about kids and all. But if she is not fancying me, then what is it?!?
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Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
bs4u ... it's vicarious living, in a way. Take me for example, I'm married, have been for years, and have no intentions of leaving my husband any time soon (eventhough we have some serious unresolved marital issues), live with him and for him everyday ..... yet, I have a fantasy man in my head, who's been there for four years and THROUGH this fantasy of what love means to me in how my love for this man, and his love for me lives within the depth of what I need to survive in love ... IS what keeps me.

I don't know how to explain it .. you have to be a Pisces to understand, I guess.

We have a vision, an image, one we start creating in our heads from day one in which holds our love, holds everything in our life ... this image, this dream .. we use everyday of our life to process. It's like, imagine you are going on a vacation, and you have all these thoughts about what you are going to do, and all the fun you are going to have ... our whole life is like this, we envision everything. Then as life passes, we attempt to fit life within this vision .. obviously it can't happen, life isn't predictable. This is why she has become unpredictable .. because she is attempting to fit YOU within this fantasy, and there's no way you can fit .. there's no way anybody can fit .. because it isn't real.

However, THROUGH this fantasy, she lives .. if a Pisces cannot dream life, then we'll go insane. There's no question in my mind about that.

- What is she expecting from me or rather how is she expecting me to react? ..... she is expecting you to be what is in her head, which you obviously cannot do, this is why she's become unpredictable, for she's editing her reality of her envisioned desire for love.

- Why to talk more about her husband to me if I am the Knight in her dreams? .... again, she is editing what love means to her through your responses. Whatever you say, for or against, her relationship with her husband, she is using to re-create what love means to her, as it pertains to how you would feel or want = wrapping her world around you in fantasy.

- She will not be leaving her husband physically, based on what she is saying about kids and all. But if she is not fancying me, then what is it?! ... she might fancy you, however, right now it sounds like she hasn't brought this forward yet, if it happens.
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Don't feel alone in your confusion, bs4u .. we baffle a lot of people, pretty much all people.

Because we live in this world that is glossed over, and we also have to live in a world with beings who process definitively, black from white, up from down, right from left ... we mis-lead them unintentially quite often.

For example: We can make a person feel so special, so loved and desired .. FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE of how we treated them. Yet, from our own perspective, we were only feeling them on a empathetic level without any clarity of how or why we were feeling them. People, such as you, would take this to mean that we are "into" you, that we have a connection to infer definition of intentions. This leaves people completely out in left-field.

What do we mean? Why would we make you feel this way? Do you love me? Are you wanting something of me?

Are you feeling me?

The answer is 'yes' ... but, not of this reality. We are feeling how what you have to offer can be incorporated into our envisioned life, so we can FEEL you, for real (which is unreal to you).

** sighs **

Piscean people are cursed, that I am certain.

Have you ever noticed how something tragic can take place and we remain unmoved? Only later to crumble, sometimes, days later?

Because we FEEL inside the dream .. until we incorporate life into this dream, and run it through, it doesn't effect us.

Proudly Libran:-)
Thanks to you both!

My Libran analysis is working in overdrive now!

From her perspective, why you distance yourself from a person you love? Isn't that a contradiction in itself?

Whether I agree with it or not, does she expect me to understand about her dreams? If yes, how is it possible if she doesn't open up? Isn't it more like torturing herself? For, I won't know what is in her head simply becoz I am not aware! Besides her wierd behavior and tantrums, she didn't make anything obvious and I don't think she ever will!
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P-Angel, I saw your last message after posting mine. I did see her being unmoved for things that will shake everyone! At the same time, I also see in her an all encompassing compassion, but not always given where its worth.
58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
You're welcome, though, you're probably more confused now then you were before

Perhaps, you could see if this all fits within her .. because I could be reading this all wrong. To do this, the next time you and her are having a deep conversation, ask her about "love". Not love for each other, and make her know this ... rather, just how she loves in general, and see if anything she says references how you would view love. Like, something you've said in the past to her. If she is editing her meaning of love, based around your input, then her responses will have this tone.

Or, she might even ask you how you feel before she ever answers .. if she does that, then she is definitely forming an answer based around how you would view, even if her answer is in contridiction.

"I did see her being unmoved for things that will shake everyone! At the same time, I also see in her an all encompassing compassion, but not always given where its worth."

I don't doubt that **sighs** .. we know we have all this compassion inside of us, and when it hits us, it's like a ton of bricks .. can just bring us to our knees in wretched sorrow, and alls we want to do is bring new life of beauty and happiness to the person, or situation.

From an outsider looking in .. it was to, or for, a person who wasn't deserving .. and this outsider looks at us like we're fools for being so sensitive to something where the other person was clearly in error.

Sort of like .. just defending the underdog, without any logical thought put into why this person subjected themselves to suffering.

If you figure us out, let me know .. I'm still trying to figure myself out.

You will never figure yourself out. We change with the tides, just ride it out.
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