Pisces Male, Cancer Female.

31 years old female from Texas, USA
Rising Sign is in 00 Degrees Pisces Sun is in 03 Degrees Cancer. Moon is in 26
What do y'all think of this match?
57 years old female
I haven't quite figured out who a female Cancer should be matched with yet, to tell you the truth. As much as on one hand, we normally are so different from our polar opposites, that life appears unbearable, then on the other hand .. it's these opposites who have the best ability to tolerate our "bad" sides.

A Pisces man would easily recognize the female Cancer's plans of manipulating him by presenting to him all the other men who are vying for her attention .. which the female Cancer will do. Her aim is to capture him in commitment, preferrably marriage so she will no longer feel insecure about being alone. And she will doso by trying to make him think that men are standing in line to get her, so he better step up to the plate if he wants to be the victor.

And this likely wouldn't go over well with the Pisces, since we won't fight for you .. we won't compete. He would just likely swim away without further ado, regardless of how he feels about you.

Pisces can turn the switch off .. detach.
Whereas, Cancer's are so attached that they latch on, for another to take care of her feelings for her.

Another down side to the pairing .. is that a female Cancer doesn't really own her own feelings, and allows every little infraction of what other people say and/or do dictate to her how she is going to feel. And though, I understand this is her way and probably can't help it .. the Pisces is completely different (we detach from hurtful feelings, rather than suffer with them). We own every feeling we have and only allow ourselves to dictate how we are suppose to feel. That may seem like a contriction (own vs. detach) from feelings .. but, this isn't so. Because we put our hurtful feelings on a plane where it is seperated from us .. we still own that place in which these feelings reside, and often talk about objectively.

So, this might be a huge obstacle in this coupling, for the Pisces man would soon grow weary of the female Cancer always allowing her feelings to get hurt over every little expression that he made, and since they are seperated from him, while still his, he can talk about them without feeling them. And the female Cancer would soon find herself crying all the time because he said hurtful things to her, while he would just stand there, scratching his head .. he was talking about them as though they were an object, so shouldn't be taken subjectively by her.

57 years old female
Pisces are pretty elusive, moreso for the males .. female Cancer's look for someone to hook onto .. I would imagine the emotional injuries for you would be too overwhelming to handle.

27 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"Birthday 8.15 am Europe Moldova Kishinev time 9 july 1989
Every pises man is different, it depends on his date of birth.
My first bf was born on 9th of March pises Im 9th of july cancer, his rising sign was cancer thus we shared a soulmate connection of feelings it was 1 of my best comunications compatibilities ever in my life we felt each other completely in every way. He has moon planet influence and i am directly influenced by the moon thus i supported his wants direction and he fullfilling my wishes thoughts. My second pises I met at volanteering job we attracted each other and later he told me he is pises born 14th of march, he asked me out on 2nd time we met. 14th of march pises has a dominant power of scorpion rising with pises and me being a cancer makes it all water signs in our relationship. He is focused and willfull im practical and together we share strong purpose.
27 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"Birthday 8.15 am Europe Moldova Kishinev time 9 july 1989
Pises absorb cancers reflect, all pises men are different from each other some are leading others are folowing. In my experience cancers can ground him and protect as we have a shell and we know them. My bf when hurt have an argument tries to disapear from responsobility as he is overall less feet on earth thus i sometimes need to act but its worth it! P.S i prefer pises men over scorpions.
" Pisces Rising Sign is in 24 Degrees Cancer Very sen
Lucky you with the virgo moon! This match is intense and was a really amazing experience for me. But the two of you have the ability to emotionally destroy each other. I mean literally tear each others heart out. I had an LDR with an absolutely beautiful cancer woman. Our time together was sweeping and pure. But distance between us was 1300 miles. Travel was expensive and she was not a very well off person her and her family were monetarily poor but very spiritually wealthy.

But the economy in the US was terrible at the time and she has two parents she looks after both are 50 ish and sickly. It began to be tought for me to afford to travel to see her twice or 3 times a month by flying there. I might have even moved there if there was work. But she stayed and i stayed. She was angry and upset i wouldnt just throw away my job and life here and move a country over.

To be honest the connection was so deep i almost did. But my hesitation lead to her straying. Then i sort of disappeared for oh 3 months without a word. This relationship was so intense and loving that it literally made us both ill when it ended. She wasted away and stopped eating. I sort of shut myself off from the world for almost a year.

While our end was destruction our beginning was absolute heaven. I never felt so secure or supported and if distance and employment hadnt been a factor im sure i would have been blissfully lost in her still even today. She sort of assimilated me. Her interests almost became secondary to her. She really loved me and to this day still does. I hold not hate in my heart for her. In fact thoughts of her still bring me a smile and tug a longing sadness.

But the sex was amazing. I felt complete for the first time in my life. Perhaps i could have left it all and made it work. But i didnt. I met a fish and its also been amazing. But your relationship can be absolute heavenly bliss if you let him crack your shell. For all the pain that happened i carry no regrets. Regardless the outcome not being perfect the moments previous were.

She knew me in a way i didnt know myself. She was somehow able to tune into my feelings. Was the first time in my life i was ever entranced by physical mental and spiritual beauty in another human being. If i could back in time i wouldnt change that meeting or anything afterwards. The good that that relationship represents to me would compel me to take every single emotional spear again just to re-experience the connection.

" Pisces Rising Sign is in 24 Degrees Cancer Very sen
I dont regret my choice to leave the relationship at the end. If i was single i would repeat this match again in a heartbeat. I felt so protected and regarded that even to this day her influence affects my drive in life and how i value myself as a human being. She may have cheated after my absence being to long. But i understand that cancers need their love and lover close to home.

I decided to stay in my home country and her in hers. She emails me from time to time. Ill be honest i never reply but i keep them and read them. I think subconsciously she knows that and continues to send them. Im faithful in all aspects in my current Pisces with Pisces match. Its become very full filling for me. But i experienced what i can only call a soul mate song sung to me by a cancer siren.

Pisces women are similar i think in many respects and my Pisces has a cancer rising and a Taurus moon. So she herself is a catch and im aware. Good points on both sides.

I warn you tho if you become attached and he does as well, and you dont work out. It will be a lifelong bleeding wound that youll carry all through your life, But i wear my wound with pride and the knowledge that love that created it forever changed me as a person. You have to listen to him on non verbal level very closely. I run mostly on acts of love and expressions that are not verbal, well not voiced anyway.

Ive never been with a scorpio woman. But i would definitely experience cancer or Pisces again thus far. Ill never date another libra even tho they seem to like me a ton for some reason... Im sticking to water signs. I feel better swimming around knowing im understood. If you dont believe in amazing soulful love this is definitely a shot! My only point of advice to you really. Is your likely to be upset and express it harshly and hes likley to slink away and hide or avoid the argument completely. Just let it cool down and hell come back and might just surprise you.

Im a sucker for cancer girls and even pisces. There were a few days where we didnt get out of bed... at all. to much dizzy crazy. Anyways its great and can be work but its well worth it. Good Luck!

" Pisces Rising Sign is in 24 Degrees Cancer Very sen
27 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"Birthday 8.15 am Europe Moldova Kishinev time 9 july 1989

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27 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"Birthday 8.15 am Europe Moldova Kishinev time 9 july 1989
pises your best match with Cancerians is with those born between 4 July and 13 July. There will be tremendous love, compassion and warmth between you. This is a caring relationship that will satisfy you deeply, and it has excellent long-term prospects.

Cancers born between 14 July and 22 July will give you a good sense of unity; you??ll find you have a lot in common. You??ll immediately be comfortable together, even doing boring old day-to-day activities and just hanging out.

Cancer* Your best match is with Pisces born between 1 March and 10 March. Their sensitive empathy will draw you closer over time, and even at the start you will feel a kinship with each other. This is an excellent love combination. These people have the strong influence of the Moon, which is your own planetary ruler. You see each other??s needs and can fulfil them far better than most other star signs.

Sexual power and attraction are at their peak with those born between 11 March and 20 March. The power of Scorpio is the dominant theme of this group of Pisces. You may pull back at first from their intensity and their demands, but you??ll soon be at their mercy. Later you??ll smile and thank your lucky stars that you had a chance to be hypnotised by these sensual and charismatic Pisceans.

Source: http://www.astrology.com.au/compatibility/index.asp
female from ??
Sun: Cancer Rising: Virgo Moon: Pisces Mercury: Cancer Venus: Cancer
I'm a cancer, and my best relationships have been with Piscean men.

1st guy was my first love...at the time we were together, it was very intense---but I think because of his age (he was young) he couldn't handle it (plus some outside factors)...but the times together were amazing.

Just like that move "The Afterlife" if I died, and had the choice to pick one memory to relive for all eternity, I would pick the time we first got together, no question.

Right now I've been with a Piscean guy for....almost 2 years now? It's been great. He's a bit passive, and I hate initiating butter, but aside from that, everything is nice. The best thing about a Pisces/Cancer relationship is the emotional understanding

When I'm upset, he get's it. Same with if either one of us is mad.

And the sex is gooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddd. Pisces men are real good with their fingers

But of course...everyone's experience is different.
27 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"Birthday 8.15 am Europe Moldova Kishinev time 9 july 1989

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27 years old female from Melbourne, Australia
"Birthday 8.15 am Europe Moldova Kishinev time 9 july 1989
In Heaven on earth In Love with my fish. He is in my heart all the time. He reads my mind, soul and emotions i return them. Gorgeous personality their flowing on inside of me contents me. Would like to Support isamu's words their gentle touch parralises and heals me within.
30 years old female
SunCancer MoonCapricorn MercuryCancer VenusLeo MarsCapricorn
i dated a pisces, we got along really well but it ended when i found out he was cheating on me with two other cancers. he's still dating one of the them, the other is actually now my bestfriend/roommate...
my gf is a cancer, and we've been together for over 5 years..

i connect with cancer women the easiest..and its crazy because i rarely approach the women 1st, (unless she's giving me a strong signal to do it), and i've noticed that when i do decide to initiate the conversation, it ALWAYS end up being a cancer woman..and i mean ALWAYS..its kinda scary
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