Pisces North Node?

I recently got my natal chart done and it says that my Asc node (also known as north node) is in Pisces. So basically in

I recently got my natal chart done and it says that my Asc node (also known as north node) is in Pisces. So basically in this life time my soul wants to thrive to be more like a Pisces (according to my research).

Anyway, I've had a crush on this Pisces guy for a little over a year (his behavior is so erratic ranging from texting me for four hours to saying things like "You're crazy for liking me" . . . and the list goes on). His antics are pretty tiring to say the least. I'm a Leo and for some reason i'm unconsciously drawn to Pisces men. With him I go from being the flirtatious woman with a silver-tongue to being at an absolute lost for words - kind of awkward and unsure of myself at times. I feel connected to him in some way and I feel weird for saying that because i'm usually the queen of "numbness" (as far as the opposite sex goes) and it usually doesn't take anytime for me to forget about someone to the point where I'm wondering if they even existed to be begin with. But he's staying in my mind like a thorn in my side

I was wondering if the fact that both his sun sign and moon are Pisces and my North Node is Pisces has something to do with this sense of feeling "connected" or am I just losing my mind? Lol.

"I get the same vibes from the Leo girl I am in love with. We talk on the net, but even so I get the sense that she feels the way you described above. It's funny in a way."

She must be smittened with you. =)

I guess because some of us Leos feed on what we are given and usually when we're given food for our egos we shine brightly. It's like our green light- we can move forward without our pride being bruised. That is until we're stopped in our tracks by someone who doesn't seem to revel in our charms. I can hold a great conversation with just about anyone minus him. I actually found myself asking him if I were boring him; in which he laughed and told me that he'd let me know if I were. Sometimes I feel as though i'm in elementary school again (not necessarily in a bad way). I hear from his close friends that he likes me and how much in common we have then I run into a proverbial brick wall when ever I talk to him. I've learned not to take it personally though.



"I know what you mean... because somehow you know artificial advances dont work on these types, they usually find it just amusing but want to get to know YOU inner you. That or him constantly saying your crazy for liking him may contribute to that."

Yeah exactly. It's almost like from the very beginning I knew what I shouldn't say- not sure what about him made me feel that way. Actually he was putting up quite a show. He'd run around spewing out cheesy sex jokes and talking about how many women wanted him. Then the next minute i'd hear from his friends about this mystery girl who tore his heart to shreds. I didn't know what to think of him; whether he was really an egotistical jerk or was it a cover. It didn't take long for me to realize it was a cover but i'll never let him know that. It seems he gets a kick out of seeing elusive and when I figure certain things out easily he'll retreat a little.

"but not with the intention of bragging as much as to "impress" you"

He didn't talk about his sex life with me. It was more of a "This girl likes me, and so does that one, that one and her too" type of thing.
But with Pisces ( some not all ) you can kind of get the feeling that they are only trying to show interest because they know you like them- maybe to be nice or let you down easily. Even though they may not be interested. He's like a seesaw though. One day i'm avoided like the plague and when I become too consumed with other things i'll get a random text message with a joke to spark a conversation or another just seeing what i'm up to.

I remember one day I grew so tired of what I thought was manipulation I ignored him all together. I felt like he was a jerk. Funny thing was he kept on popping up and trying to make eye contact with me to see if he was imaging things I suppose. I didn't look angry- just expressionless to say the least. Almost as if I were just looking at a stranger. He told one of his friends on me "she won't even look at me or talk to me. . ." Of course I couldn't get the whole story lol . . . but he started trying so hard to get my attention or help me in some sort of way. I don't believe this is because he was interested however. He could be the type that hates for someone to not be happy with him.

"I have a clear understanding of what you meant. I stand by my comment about him trying to "impress" you or maybe a better choice of words would have been "to let you know that he is a hot commodity and you better go get him before he is off the market" ... because you know other girls are in line and you are holding said line up"

LOL! That's hilarious and i'm sure he wanted me to know he was a "hot commodity". I have no doubts that he's at a lost for admirers. I do doubt that he takes most of them into account though. He's guarding his heart with an iron fist. I do still wonder what that whole "You're crazy for liking me" thing is about though.
Thanks so much for your input Hizaki- it's helped me put some things into perspective.

I don't like the idea of having to make myself unattainable in order for him to take more interest. That's a little shallow to me- especially when he complains that all girls are liars, cheaters and such. Well of course they'd be liars/cheaters if you're stealing them from their boyfriends. I don't have the patience to concoct situations and stories to keep him entertained like a circus act or puppet. I'm offering genuine and honest affection (that is not smothering might I add because my moon sign is Aquarius) and it'd be a pity to stoop as low as he seems to want in order to create a fantasy for him. I'm going to lean more on a friendly acquaintance level than going towards a romantic thing. I can be pretty fickle (my venus is in Gemini) and he can be fickle too so I guess either way it's doomed.

I also found the answer to my North Node question. I'm naturally drawn to Pisces because those are the traits my soul needs to attain. It's kinda weird that I can "pick out" Pisces people. Like I was listening to a James Blunt song titled "Love,Love,Love" and I correctly guessed that he was a Pisces from his lyrics.
He's 25 but very immature from what I am seeing- also very moody. I don't think he's ready to date me or anyone else with the emotional baggage he's carrying around. He's very hot and cold. Either he's in the mood to talk or he's really snappy. Either way it goes I couldn't deal with it. Pisces guys in general are very likable and pretty easy to talk to- I believe he's just a bad fish.

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