Pisces boyfriend

my boyfriend is a pisces and i was just wondering if any one could give me some adice as to keep him happy in our relationship things seem to be going ok but i wanna know what makes pisceans happy and mad etc.
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I agree with Ldybg...

Seems like I could never get things quite right...he was always changing his freaking mind and doing the exact opposite of what he said. My advice is...if you want to keep him, NEVER NEVER NEVER let him know how you feel about him.

As soon as I did that, even though we had been seeing each other for a while...it was pretty much downhill from there. Especially after I got pregnant...but you get my drift. Oh and make SURE if you don't want kids...you use protection. These guys seem to be VERY fertile

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I tend to believe Pisces men and women very different breed.

Not all Pisces men are 'EVIL'! I know one beautiful Pisces dude - we had a little 'thing' for awhile - I proved to be too much for him He said straight out he wanted to be in a relationship & I said I am very happy being on my own & discovering who I am because I had come out of a 4 year relationship - The guy is still into me - is bad cause I am best friends with his sister & she is always trying to put us back together even thou she knows I am in a happy relationship ATM - funny my bf has the same name as him & she thinks its because I still like her bro ha -

He was really into his sports & the beach - hard working & very moralistic. Cheeky as hell - bit lazy in the sack thou Serious boy
36 years old female from QLD, Australia
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Yeah Ha - Virgo are great lovers xxx Very much into pleasing you - it gets them off
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He is great when you first get into him, but for some reason he just got damn lazy, no creativity or excitement in the sack. He had it going on downstairs but not a lot of groovin.

OMG! LMAO I told my Pisces...you are getting really lazy in bed and I don't like that. BOY he made it up the next time I saw him LOL...but you have to be "gentle" about those things.

I know there are good fishboy's...I had one. He lives in France and that's the only reason we aren't together. Even after my pregnancy he still wants me and he is the sweetest guy! So there is hope!

Virg?'s rip you a new vagina! TOOOO ruff
my boyfriends had a tough time of it his ex used to abuse him phisically and verbally.we've talked about it and i asked if he doesnt mind me showering him with love we plan on getting married and having children in the future he actually said that!!! LOL i just want to make sure im not suffocating him or anything basically im just trying to keep our relationship going.im pretty sure he's a good fish : ) he likes his space though...you know with mates n stuff...
36 years old female from QLD, Australia
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Virg?'s rip you a new vagina! TOOOO ruff

Ohhhh MYYY GOOOOD - ahahahahahahaharrrggg rouf rouf!

I don't know any virgos that didn't have supersized libido! cept one that that tried to get all Tantric on me - ewww
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"Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio from approximately October 23 to Novemb
You'll have to get used to that space and being with his friends part,trying to control a male pisces is the worst thing to do if you want to make it work.

Now I might say welcome to the boards but are you actually going to communicate with us or are you another one question,use us and leave,drive by poster?
No way!!! I love this site its awesome came across it accidently too but im defintely staying you guys sound cool : )
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"Cancer Rising Sign is in 03 Degrees Sagittarius You are known for being ope
"Virg?'s rip you a new vagina! TOOOO ruff"

Good lord! Now I can never look at my virgo friends the same way again. Strange images considering they're all so skinny and un-rough looking.
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I sort of agree with the "not controlling" the Pisces man thing...however! If you allow him to run wild and do whatever without setting some rules as to how YOU like to be treated...then you still won't fare well. With these guys you seriously have to find a happy medium. Just make him think being with you is HIS idea and not yours...

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"Cancer Rising Sign is in 03 Degrees Sagittarius You are known for being ope
"CancerKitten with statements like that, I wonder if your friend is lying about his sign."
10th september unless hes lying so much that he had a birthday "shindig" as he called it at the wrong time of year just to uphold his lie.

Maybe it goes some way to explaining why hes managed to land a scorpio girlfriend.
na ive been with him a year and im so in love im sure she is the one with the problem and um this might sound strange but i dont mind when he gets jealous he does'nt do it a lot but when he does it makes me feel like he cares.his ex abused HIM i mean i wouldnt date any man that abused a woman
Hi, I was just trolling around these boards when I stumbled upon this question:

"i want to know what makes Pisceans happy and mad etc."

So I joined up because I feel, as Pisces male, I might be able to shed some light on this question.

Many people have offered up responses, but they have been from an objective POV, and the Pisces male has had little to offer in way of a rebuttal.

The first reply to the question, how do i make him happy and keep him from getting angry, was, "anything I did, could not make him happy."
There is nothing wrong with the answer, because it was quite true. There really is nothing you can DO to make a us happy. The Pisces man is not asking for huge changes in behavior, shifts in likes and dislikes, things that you DO. We are mutable, we are happy to do the accommodating and the doing, as long as we get one thing in return. Lots and lots of love.
Tons of affirmations that you care for him, both in the physical and verbal. We need to know that you care, on an hour to hour basis. Even if it is making you feel like it is too much and that you are overdoing it, just keep at it? unless he tells you stop, which brings me to the next piece of advice offered?

"My advice is...if you want to keep him, NEVER NEVER NEVER let him know how you feel about him.

Now at first glance this seems to directly contradict my preachments of the prior paragraph. Never, ever, tell the Pisces how you feel? This is completely not true. Tell them how you feel, there is no such thing as a pisces feeling suffocated, we need to choke on the love. The only way a Pisces could feel suffocated from love, is if he was being tormented by it, if he himself was not committed to the relationship but could not bring himself to admit the problem and disengage. Pisces are infamous for sticking around in relationships that aren?t working. We will put up with someone we loathe, just as long as we are not reminded of such crucial things as feelings and hearts. Which brings me to the next point?
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