Signs that Pisces Man is in love?...

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Hi everyone,

I'm a cancer, and my favorite sign to be with is Pisces. I love their emotional understanding and support.

Plus their quirky humor

I've been having this...well, not really 'on and off' relationship with this Pisces guy that I've known in my martial arts school. Before I left abroad to Japan for a year, we started dating--but then while I was in Japan, we got into some arguments over Skype and I guess we just stopped talking for a while.

Then when I came back to the U.S., almost a year later for a tournament, things just...were back to how they were before. All affectionate, cuddly, etc. Then when I finally came back to the U.S. permanently, we started dating again. Now we're official.

I just wondered, from a pisces male's perspective, how you feel whenever you're in love with someone? My pisces bf told me that he loved me, but like once when we got into a fight about a month later, I got into my doubting, insecure cancer mood and told him that I didn't believe him. He got angry (with the sulky face and the 'silent treatment'). He sent me an email once when we got into another misunderstanding where he said that I 'stabbed him in the heart' when I told him that I didn't believe him. Aiya, I felt REAL BAD. I mean things are okay now but...

If a guy was truly 'in love'--wouldn't they be like calling you every 2 seconds and be more aggressive with things? My last pisces boyfriend would call me all the time and stuff...

I dunno...maybe it's because my current boyfriend hates the phone?...

But yeah, anyway, could any pisces males give me some insight on your feelings and thoughts when you're in love? I'm just curious because cancers are a bit different I suppose.
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Well, maybe asking 'how you feel' could be a bit hard to answer.

More like 'what thoughts and feelings pop up in your mind?'

like do you dream about the future, do you think about them nonstop? Things like that.
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thanks hizaki for your reply, it really helped.

Yeah maybe I won't, but maybe I will understand to a greater depth one day. It takes time. My pisces guy and I have our differences but we're starting to get to know each other in a sense...

I have been taking your advice on just taking it and living it (especially when I'm around him), but you know, sometimes when you're in your room procrastinating from organic chemistry homework, you cannot help but to think about these things ya know?
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"wouldn't they be like calling you every 2 seconds and be more aggressive with things?"

** no

"like do you dream about the future,"

** no

"do you think about them nonstop?"

** no

note: Pisces people don't fare well in relationships when the other lays guilt trips on them with intentions of evoking some kind of emotional rescue for you ... so, if you want this man, I would resist the temptation of saying things like ...

"My pisces bf told me that he loved me, but like once when we got into a fight about a month later, I got into my doubting, insecure cancer mood and told him that I didn't believe him."

... because you doing that ^^^^ was an attempt at trying to manipulate him into rescuing you from your insecurity in which he never caused in you because he actually expressed his love for you. so, you doing that to him is going to cause him to withdraw from you, eventually.

I would suggest that the next time you feel this .... you should crawl into your shell, rather than try to use reverse psychology on him by making him feel like he isn't making you feel loved, when he is making you feel this way, it was just your Cancer guilt-trip reactionary response because of your own insecurities .... because if you do this, the only thing you're going to get out of him is anger.

You'd be better off to withdraw into your shell and sulk .. he will recognize that and tread lightly.
57 years old female
A Pisces person, if in love, will do things, say things, express things .. to make their partner feel loved.

And we anticipate this other person to be able to recognize this. If we are with a person to whom questions how we feel about them, we then feel like you don't love us, if you cannot understand our expressions.

That's an expectation on our part, and perhaps it's wrong .. but, it's stil present.

Like here's an example of what I mean: A love-making session is complete, the two lay in each others moisture of heated climax, soaking in the euphoria of a united bliss, eyes beaming, panted breath, bodies entwined ...... and the other person asked the Pisces ...

.... "was it good"

WTF ????????????????

Immediate turn-off. Can you not feel me? Am I not laying next you, sharing in the bliss of rapture with you? Did not know my body was quivering and rocking with orgasms?

And you ask me this question?

I am alone ... even with you by my side ... I am alone.

That is an example .. but, it goes for everything with Pisces. If he expresses to you that he loves you, and you know that he does .. then this is all you need to know, this is all you have to do .. to just know what it is he feels by what he shares with you, and not doubt it.

If a Pisces doesn't want to be with a person, they are not.
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P-Angel, thanks for your reply, it was very insightful

I totally get what you mean by the sex example...I would feel insulted as well. I never thought though that a pisces would feel that way all the time though.

When we're together I never have doubts...I guess it's whenever I'm alone (my college is about 3 hours away from home) I start to over analyze things and then fall into the doubt trap. I can't help it, but it is temporary.

People always told me that 'if you feel doubt, that must mean something' But I guess w/a pisces, that's not the case. I'll just trust how I feel when we're around each other. It makes me happier.
57 years old female
You're a Cancer, you can't help the doubt trap ... anymore than we can help getting upset when we feel like another isn't understanding our expressions.

This is a difficult pairing due to this huge difference in emotional understanding .... Pisces wants you to just trust in that we are there because we want to be .... Cancer requires constant reassurance in order to trust this.

But, just because it's difficult, doesn't mean it's impossible. There's on Pisces who used to be a member here who was successfully married to a Cancer lady, in which they got on quite well. We have a female Pisces in here who's boyfriend is a Cancer, and they have a great relationship ..... so, all of this can be worked out, it's just a matter of understanding each other's emotional expressions.

The one thing you need to know here, as with all people who are trying to be with a Pisces .... if we don't want to be with you, we aren't.

We won't stay with a person if we don't want to .... if we are with you, then we are with you.
" Maybe...someday.
Haffo/Outcast is BACK!!!!

Good to see you again "Loyalist Rebel".
I dont mind talking on the phone...I just really hate texting!! That drives me absolutely insane. How anyone can have a full conversation on text is beyond me. I usually get annoyed and just call them.
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Hey, COM .... you still hanging in there with your Pisces man?

You haven't updated us in a while .. what's going on?
57 years old female
The main thing with every life-experience, Cuspy, is that we are open-minded enough to be aware that there was something there for us to learn.

You know, like with your bad-Taurus experience ... you wanted to hold onto the "bad" of it, out of fear, or pain, or self-protection, or whatever it was ... and to do this means you prevent yourself from future joys with other people because you are afraid. We all do that, and we shouldn't .... the goal is to learn not to hold onto this pain that others caused us so that we are open and receptive for happiness to find us with others.

I know you know this ... I'm just preaching it anyway.

Maybe now you can both approach this relationship with a different perspective of what you both want and need, and TRUST in each other that the intentions are in place for each other, not held against each other out of fear.

I'm glad you two are going to be able to work through the sex issue .. give in, Cuspy, show him how much you love him .. he's a guy, he has to have the physical side of love, you know.

He wouldn't be with you if he didn't want to ... Pisces people don't stay with people we don't want to be with, you know. Other signs will, they will fight to the bitter end to keep a relationship, or they will endure long suffering to keep a person, and others will try to change people to suit them .... Pisces will do none of that .. we'll jsut swim away, and say cya.

So, if he is with you .. then this is where he WANTS to be .. wants.

Anyway, I can't make you give him the kitty ... but, I can keep trying to covince you to lay it on him
But no matter what you do, in some moment or forever it will not be enough.
30 years old male from Japan
"My real name is Cole, Im a 23 yr old Pisces currently living in Okinawa."
^^ This is true totally, Being happy w/ yourself and your life is so crucial to a strong relationship.

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