The pisces parent?

anyone with a pisces parent or is a pisces parent that can speak with experience on what kind of a mom/dad they are. I've always wondered this as I totally see mylself as the "big kid" dad who lets his kids get away with alot of things their mommy won't let them.

I could never see myself getting angry or scolding them unless they really did wrong, but it would take alot and I would defenitly be alot more passive in my discipline and teachings.

Defenitly the one they go to ask permission to go to the mall/movies. The one that showers them with the crap they ask for. Closest water sign parent i have is my mom who is a scorp and omg is she none of the above.
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"What Does It All Mean???!!!... I don't know!!! Planets Sun 17?_
My mom is a Pisces, and she's a very wise woman, and very articulate and nurturing... kept me in daycare until i went to high school, and I had to beg for her to let it go... she doesn't come across as the type who can make it on her own... she's a nurse, and can get her hands on crazy meds, and somehow gets the doctor to keep refilling her bottle of zanax... though she tries to hide it I can she how fragile she really is, it's very easy to shake up her nerves...loves the idea of her grown children never leaving the nest... very spiritual, perceptive, many things shes had dreams about have come to pass-- ver protective of her children always warning us about the many dangers ther are in the world... and has many times been right about not wanting us to leave b/c she was warned about an accident or something just wasn't right that day or what not... my friends love her... they love how she can see through them and tell about who they are behind the mask... real cool mom... annoying at times... not that she doesn't sense it but we get away with a lot of things she just chooses to ignore them or put on those rosey goggles... she married a virgo by the way... so she always incourages us to find a man thats not so earthy and can wisk us away... she had miles of debt... she accomplishes what she sets her mind to, the thing is that she has to first work up enough energy and courage to set her mind to a task... which may take years.
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Hi TwistedPisces,
My dad is a Pisces - and yes, growing up, i can't ever remember the strong hand of the law; not that we needed it, but hey; it was all peaceful, and alot of fun. Yes, there were the malls, the parks, the movies, the restaurants, the shopping-and at times, i could pick out what i wanted! ..but within reason, of course; had nothing to do with money, just something small and meaningful. Since i'm a pisces too, we tend to agree on many things, anyway. My dad; so very kind and loving; but at the same time, an undeniable quiet kind of inner strength. And very smart, no push-over; always did his homework, knew what he was doing and what he wanted. A very hardworking, stable and dependable parent too, my piscean father.
Oh, DC - you are the male parent ME! Hahahaha. Down to the Libran daughter (mine's 13) who is more organized and together than the Pisces parent. I'm both my daughters' friends favorite parent, the "cool mom" because I talk to them as humans, not as children, and care about who they are inside. But disciplinarian, me? No way. Not on a daily basis, so instead, all of a sudden I'll go all hard-line on her once in a blue moon and she's learned how to navigate through that, as well!

Hate conferences (one was poor in school, the second excellent but I always feel that sense of fear of authority for some unknown reason), don't like to hang around with the other parents because they're mostly wealthy married couples with 2.5 kids and minivans.

On the plus side, both the girls are quite individualistic, express themselves well and don't follow any herd. They know I will soothe boo-boos of the physical or emotional variety, care about how they feel and proactively help them feel better, can be counted-on to come up with great ideas for last-minute creative projects and will always be there for them.

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TP, I raised a boy and I'm a Pisces. My experiences were a tad different because of circumstances. I had to be stricter/softer accordingly, though my instincts would have told me otherwise in different situations.

One thing is consistant with the other Pisces responders, I let him make his own decisions on a lot of stuff. I would set parameters, explain why it is so, what consequences were with each choice and let him fly solo, within the limitations.

As far as sharing parenting with a partner .. the rules were firmly laid in concrete, there would be no playing one against the other. Another thing I did with him is have an open door in communication. The person who shared raising him with me, isn't exactly wonderful at communicating (except irritation), so the door with me was always open, no matter the topic, even when he treetrunked up, I didn't scold if he told me the truth and accepted what he did as wrong.

I was very aware that everything I did or said, could have ramifications, and since I was dealing with a troubled child, I had to use extra caution. He never got spanked, rather, I dicussed everything with him.

Probably my main parenting method that I was adamant about was hypocracy. The person I shared raising him with tended to be of the theory, "Do as I say, not as I do", and I don't agree with that. Example is the best teacher, if he was to respect what I told him, that I had to adhere to the same principal.
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A (true) cusp is at zero degrees, at the very most. You can't be two sun signs at the same time, one or the other. Even if there were a slight lingering influence from Uranus, he is definately and only a Pisces sun!
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What does EMO mean?
I didnt knew until I replied to that, its written there:

"There are many Sad people, but few true Emos. Emo is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is an emo? An Emo is someone who has an extraordinarily Depressing Nature, is able to cry themselves to sleep everynight, and see the world through an entirely Dark point of view.

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So on topic can I be a good father?
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Thanks LostPisces for explaining.

You are 19% Emo. Ha Ha!

Normal. You may have some hard stuff goin on, but it doesn't bother you too much. That's okay. Good work and thanks for playing...
Ah, DC, I love you, too. You're as emotional as a Cancer but overall normal! Pisces boys are really my faves. Cancers are second, but with Pisces guys you don't get the same drama and moodiness.

What I love about all you Pisces parents is the focus on individuality, self-expression and not being hypocritical. I may not have raised the tidiest of girls or the most disciplined, but I have raised two brilliant, utterly fearless women-to-be who are not afraid of expressing who and what they are.

Coming from a sheltered, seen and not heard, shamed childhood, that's more than enough for me!

Rock on with your little Libra, DC!
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I live in my own little world and I make it into whatever I want.
<" ppile<
76 years old female from Brisvegas, Australia
I live in my own little world and I make it into whatever I want.
Not likely, just another screwed up suicidal teenager.

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