Happy Birthday, Aju ❤️🎁🥂❤️

By shakedownMarch 2, 2020 7:19pm — 27 replies
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I hate Pisces men
i ve been attracted to 3 and all in my mind would have been my perfect man at the time but for one reason or another they bail ok so i m not theirs i get that but now if i meet a pisces i m gona run before i catch the feels knowing all too well le
Happy Belated Birthday @Argus (Lulu ~ DonumDei)
happy belated birthday lovely lady i am a little late but the love remains the same i hope you had a beautiful birthday https www funimada com assets images cards big bday-361 gif https www snackncake com postpic 2015 11 elegant-rose-birthda
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hello everyone my boyfriend of 9 months is a pisces with aqua moon and venus in aries yesterday he came over and broke up with me out of the blue there were never any issues other than that post i made about him a few months ago when he forgot a
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if a pisces guy texts often is very sweet and touchy when we meet but doesnt initiate dates should i bother continuing to ask him out or is he just not interested the last time i asked him out he already had plans with his friends but invited me t
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hey guys long story short i was in a relationship with a pisces woman for 4 years all was well going great no issues and couldnt ask for anything better - especially as feelings were definitely mutual the only thing that used to be a slight tensio
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Whatcha think about this Fish?
https i postimg cc yqg0y78s screenshot-20200220-053606-samsung-internet jpg
♓️Happy Birthday Dreamy88♓️
wishing you a great day dreamy88 let me know if youd like me to pull a card for you https pbs twimg com profile images 1095162244596256768 vhqtzaqe 400x400 jpg
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What would a pisces man's thoughts be about dating someone significantly younger than him?
hes 34 im 23 we get along very well and have the same interests in weird music and shows we were initially just hooking up but he initiated going out on dates and doing fun things outside the house he has given us pet names and loves to touch me