Pisces and Pisces...

By GreenteaFebruary 25, 2016 1:25am — 18 replies
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pisces pisces is a sacred sign i have saved it for last as it inspires awe in me and i don t really understand it for those who believe in reincarnation and i don t they say that pisces is the last sign on the reincarnation journey as pisces h
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so ive been friends with this girl for over five years and ive steadily grown to have feelings for her of course on
pisces and pisces...
so i have to ask what everyone thinks about a pisces guy and a pisces gal in an intimate relationship ive always rea
pisces and pisces
hey do you think pisces and pisces are compatable
Pisces and Pisces
when i was young i knew a lady whose b-day was the same as mine march 2 she told me never marry a pisces man since you are a pisces female well i did his b-day was march 2 too we are divorced now and im in another relationship with a pisces do we w