How important is money? What is it really worth to you?
The lying Susan Rice, she of Benghazi attack was cause by "internet video triggering massive protests" fame, while working for the worst president in U.S. history, once again lies when she denies any knowledge of this. These are incredible scum-bags of th
Yay, I didn't want to live anyway. Seriously though, I live in the Baltic States in Eastern Europe. As of right now, all 3 of the states are members of NATO as well as European Union. However, with Donald coming to power, I'm strongly afraid of the fac
Has anyone researched the role of MK-ULTRA? Or ALEC?
So basically all the women got duped into marching under a woman who believes that women have no rights( less rights then men) smh. I knew that March was bogus. Which poses the question what was Linda Sarsour trying to accomplish with this March?
Imagine if he ran for president.
now i'm just interested in your thoughts. cause it seems a lot of people really really hate having to spend their tax dollars to the poor and the sick, the needy and the disabled. so why are your thoughts like this?? Here is something on Sweden's
I think you have got to admit no matter which side you were on that the astrology of the 2016 presidential race was honestly just too good. Hillary and Trump both exemplified their charts so much. After reviewing their charts it should not be surprising t
Two Geminis meeting with each other. I swear astrology just keeps getting more and more interesting...
They need to rename it to reflect how many treetrunks you give. Who's with me?
Look at this. He is not the crazy person who was running for presidency in this video. I actually LIKE the man in this video. Maybe he will turn around and surprise us? Here is to hoping. Maybe this will help some people calm down. I know it h
What is it that you like about him? What has he said that made you want to vote for him? I'm not a fan AT ALL, but I have an open mind and an open heart since he did win after all their must be some good about him that I'm just not seeing.
If you want to see where Trump is heading, watch who he is picking for his various cabinet positions. Its definitely not Ivy League academics.
Last night my daughter was in a bar with friends and her girl friend held pack of cigarettes and one huge obnoxious dude told her 'gimme one of those' and she said 'No' and he yelled 'You must be Trump supporter'... So...great example of people who sup
What do you think would've happened if one of them had won Would Clinton supporters still be acting like baffoons and rioting and butter? Let's hear it
Honestly, even if someone who speaks of hate is president, I will still believe what I believe and stand by the people who dared and will continue to dare to be different. It's how we blossomed in the first place except now we're closer to each other. If Pie nails it.
Isn't it funny how losers are huffing and puffing when winners just chilling with a drink in their hand and smiling...
You should really think what she had done before jumping on people who support Trump. Even people who hate both candidates but prefer Clinton over Trump. Both Clinton and Trump are people you don't want to run the country. What if Clinton won the presi

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I've been blocked! 😂😂😂 for member abuse...who called me names and being as 'good' as I am! Thanks for moderators to let me back but question remains... If I am feeling hurt by calling a name - should I immediately report that post? I don't want
Okay so I am done with her for good. Thanks all for the help :) I won't post anything about that Leo again.
I told someone screw you and your family, treetrunk off you loser!! -this person was trying to start a fight with me in a videogame This is what I sent to him yesterday: I want to say something to you that I've been wanting to say for awhile and I hope you don't misunderstand me. I know you don't care but I care
Which aspects in natal chart would meake u seem like a player😃girls would see u and think that u have 10 girls on the side😅just looking like a player and behaving too but not being one
I mean i read my friends natal charts and when i talk about relationships there are so many things to look at that i get confused. I check: a) moon (emotional expression and needs) b) venus (relationship and your loving style) c) mars (who you are att
It's been about two weeks since things just went way south and we were doing so well. We had a trip planned too and she had me cancel my flight. She had to go for work. Told me it was probably best I didn't go. Anyway the issues were so minor and all happ
FEMA is on high alert for an impending asteroid strike.
Because I loved you It might not makes sense to you today But I promise with time it will And you'll appreciate that I left I leave today and I say my goodbyes Because I can't give you what you dresserve I can't give you what you need or want Me
Hi Everyone! This is my first time (and we're in the very beginning stages, only the 3rd date) with a Capricorn male. Just was curious if anyone had an advice with dealing/understanding them. I'm an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising, Leo 5th hous
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
What are the common traits of a cancer man with a Sagittarius moon..? Do they leave a woman he trusted (who was equally loyal) and never look back?