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    Time to save the 80s !!!
  • Do you like to be 'white knighted' or not?

    And say your sun, moon, rising and their decans
  • What day of the month were you born?

    Does the description of your day ring true for you? Mine is the 18th and sounds very much like me. 1st of any month Hello, executive leadership skills! The energy of the 1 gives you all the energy and self-confidence you need to run a Fortune 500 company
  • flip the switch

    im a cancer woman and im tired of allllll the "i dont get my taurus" llaaaaalaaaalaaa.......hahaha sorry but soooo many same topics.... its pretty easy from my experience: -basic needs in life are priority: sex,food,sleep.comfort,entertainment -being
  • I punched him in the face

    Well my ex invited me to a party just to flirt with other women. He kissed one girl in my face. He went out of his way to be disrespectful and my family was with me. I can’t believe he actually invited me to do that. His friends said I had no right to car
  • Rock thread ⚡️

    Another one. Post any type of rock music
  • It says aquas are cheaters...

    A lot of the stuff I’ve read about aquas hints at, or even blatantly spells out, that y’all cheaters, and have no problem cheating on someone if something better comes along. As an aqua, (or aqua influenced) how do you feel about that label?
  • What Makes a Virgo Guy Come Back

    What Makes a Virgo Guy Come Back?
  • Intuition League Season 4

    AfternoonDelights22 This is the actual game playing thread STANDINGS: TBD
  • Confusing Libra girl

    I had this weird connection with this libra girl which started after we met out on a night with common friends. I have known her for some years but I dont think any of us realised there was anything from any side. After this night we started texting and