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I am mad over a Cancer (Leo in Venus, Mars in Cancer, Pisces Moon) - Fire Water. I am an Aries (Mars in Gemini, Ven
I am mad over a Cancer (Leo in Venus, Mars in Cancer, Pisces Moon) - "Fire Water".
I am an Aries (Mars in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Virgo Moon) - "Earth, Wind, Fire".

Oh dear! Where to start? I met him at a music festival and was attracted to his gentle nature and interest in music. Even though I am an Aries, I am attracted to men who are gentle in nature and spirit. I want to "do my own thing" with my friends - ski, sky dive, go out dancing til dawn. But, I need someone to balance me since I also love quiet nights at home.

I adore this man, but I think I am too much or something. help!?!
I am in love with a Cancer Leo Cusper too and I am an Aries. Unfortunately my directness pushed him away and now he just wants to be my friend.

All I can say is think before you speak. Words really hurt them. Even though it may not seem like a big deal to you, it will be to him.
So, if you don't mind me asking, how did you hurt him?

I have gone over the top to try to be sensitive and patient and caring. My grandfather is a cancer and so I know how to deal with them, but I am so frustrated with this guy. He has been on again and off again since December. We first met at the end of last Sept and then lost touch and started chatting again in December. One day, he is emailing that he hopes to see me again very soon and keeps thinking about me. And, then nothing for days on end. You know us Aries, not too patient, send something quirky to see what is going on and then get frustrated again. Seriously, how long do we have to wait for these guys to come around?
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Its bound to fail!
Posted by aries27
So, if you don't mind me asking, how did you hurt him?

To this day he still will not tell me. All I know is I said something because he said it had nothing to do with my actions. When I asked him what I said to hurt him, he wouldn't answer. Very sad.

I can handle Cancers very well. My ex-husband is one. Most of my friends and family are Cancers so I know how to be gentle with them. This one was especially sensitive I guess. I would love it if he would come back around because he is a great person but he keeps his walls firmly in place.
I'm a cancer-leo [x_x] &nd we are very very difficult. it's in our nature. we keep our walls up just to see if you care enough to try and tear them down. sometimes we're not being sensitive. . . we're just trying to see where we stand with you. one thing's for sure. . . EVERYTHING is a test so watch what you say. ConfusionBeyondSanity. . . maybe he asked you a question or your opinion on something &nd you didn't give the answer he'd liked. &nd he won't tell you. . . till he's over the situation. whether it's in a playful manner or not. . . we take it all to the heart. I once left a guy for saying "it's only cheating if you get caught" even tho he said it in a playful manner. behingdevery just kidding is a little truth. &nd another for repeatedly telling me I'm difficult. I already know that. . . sheesh, I was trying my best to open up to him =/ &nd the constant reminder that I wasn't doing that good enough kind of hurt.

but on to big issues. . .

I've fallen for an Aries &nd it's driving me BANANAS! he's pushing for something serious but it takes time for me to fully put my trust in someone. &nd he's sOo sarcastic! the things he says sometimes just makes me think. . . "Ook. . . ouch!" I'm confused with this one. . . I think we can make one another happy but. . . we both want to move at different paces. help!
Well, I am the Aries in this "relationship", and I have gone overboard with trying to not be sarcastic since I know that Cancers cannot handle it. My grandfather is a cancer, and so I do understand how sensitive they can be. But, if you get to know them and break into that shell, wow!

I just wish I knew what to do with my cancer-leo. I have tried so hard to be patient and understanding and to not be pushy, but it is really difficult sometimes. You said that Cancer-Leos "keep your walls up just to see where you stand". How long does this take? I send him emails or texts, and he sometimes replies so perfectly. Yet other times, he ignores me completely, like I never even wrote. And, then I try again in a few days and he responds perfectly again. I feel like he is screwing with me or he is just testing me to see how long I will be patient? ugh!!!!!!!!!!!
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"I've never really felt like a total Arian and was pleased to find out that Im
i am aries (pisces cusp) sagg moon, and leo rising, venus in aqauarius
and i really liked a cancer guy, moon in leo, venus in gemini

i say like(d) because im moving on now.

we started chattin online because we have a good friend in common(in real life lol). afta a few months being an aries and not wanting to keep it to myself, i told him i liked him. he was happy because he liked me a lot too! so during easter (we're both at diff uni's) we met up. was a nice evening and said we'd meet up again after uni (end of this month)

so we'v been chatting online in the mean time, but iv noticed that he doesnt txt me very often, and isnt as forward/direct as im used to guys being with me.

if i didnt know he was cancer i woulda thought hes not interested and given up ages ago.
but i thought it give him benefit of the doubt seeing as cancers are known for their indirectness and shells etc. and i spose we dont actually know each other that well.

but the other day i messaged him because his facebook status kinda sounded upset. he msgd back explainin how he was a bit stressed with uni etc. and he asked how i was and how my essays were coming along? so i replied sayin what id been up to and about uni, and i asked if he'd sorted the uni thing out now and what he was up to 2dy?

he didnt reply :/
yet i could see he was online, on the instant msg thingy, for a few hours!! but he didnt reply to my msg. he tried to start an instant msg convo but i jus blanked him, hoping he'd get the hint and reply.

he didnt. so i havent bothered talkin to him on IM for a few days. i mean if you like someone you respond to their msgs, hell you reply for the hell of it even if they didnt ask a question, you'l reply just to talk to them more!

since, hes commented on my statuses a few times but i cant be arsed to chase him, it seems fruitless.

as an aries i need to be stimulated and be around people who are bubbly and chatty like me, not people who dont bother replying

so sorry for the essay, that is just my experience.

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