How To Get Back With That Libra Male??

25 years old female
"""getting by, looking ahead, the day you die."""
is there a chance my ex will come back around? is this typical for libras from your experience?
could you tell me the worst and best things to do to get him back ?thanks x

hes a libra, and we dated for a good two years, the time we were together was bliss. until he decided to break in late september. he said that we needed space to grow as people and that he wanted to figure out himself and live his life, at the time i agreed in a way being that we are still young. after this we didn't talk for about 2 months until recently we've had class together and now were talking and flirting again like when we first met. he's friendly as ever to me as i am back and when were together its all good times and laughs.

but i still feel a strange void, and its like of come to a stand still
i've avoided texting him, and calling or seeming needy and desperate i've just been doing my own thing. but secretly am dying to get back with him and i dont know how to pursue it.
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Well the thing about Libras in relationships is that it already takes them a long time to finally decide if it's worth it leaving the other person. But when they finally do decide to leave, the decision if final. Sure, they might still talk to you every now & then & every once in a while they might test the air just to see if the sparks are still there just in case he might have a change of heart. The thing about Libras is that they always leave a lasting impression on the person they were last with & it's not uncommon for a libra to still have that unexplainable connection with that person even AFTER the relationship is over.
Libras have a habbit of forgetting that it's not fair to the other person to send mixed signals, even if it's just once a month or once a year. Getting a Libra back is almost as hard as making yourself naturally fly. When in relationships, Libras can be the most devoted & loving lovers & it's not uncommon for a Libra to just up & decide one day that he no longer once to be in a commited relationship. What WE don't understand (as the outsiders, looking in) is that the Libra had probably been contemplating the break up over & over in his head for weeks, maybe even months & that when he finally decided it was best to let go, it hurt him more than you know. But from my experiences with Libras, once a Libra has let go, he's gone for good. Sometimes any man will purposely test you just to see if the connection is there just in case he needs you to be his Plan B, but in reality, that connection is nothing more than just a simple test. If there was a possibility for the 2 of you to get back together (in his mind), you would know it. He would out-right tell you & do more than send you flirty messages every now & then. Libras can't go without real love but for so long so if he's been able to live without you, then that means he's more than not over you. And if not over you, then atleast ready to move on & unfortunately once anybody (not just Libras) reach that point, there is nothing the other person can do.
that was well put and it would seem spot on re: Libras.

I would just like to say that you should enjoy your memories of being together but normally when it ends it ends for a reason and to go back? not often a good idea. I sat and waited (well not literally but I hoped) for a full year that my Libra would come back, and he did but I realised then it was too strained to pursue....let him go on with his life and Id stop flirting with him. Its harmful for you both
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Part of the reason you might all of the sudden fill a sudden "void" when you're around him now is because mentally, the Libra has withdrawn himself from you. I mean think about it, sometimes we still associate with those who've done us no good or with those who we couldn't care 1% about & we can do this without 1 inch of guilt or pressure that just because we do these things, doesn't mean we are attempting to reconnect something that wasn't meant to be.

It's true when they say, "If it's meant to be, he/she will come back to you." But I only believe in that phrase once the healing has begun & has been completed. Some signs can have very effective & fullfilling friendships & a continuing bond after bad breakups while others just simply can't. And plus, you always have to remember that some Libras need to slowly let go of someone, step by step. Instead of trying to be "Mr. Tough" he might've admitted to himself that acting like you don't exist the next day is virtually impossible, so what he'll do is let you go step by step. Right after the breakup with Libras, there's usually still communication (which he'll usually keep a secret from others out of fear of appearing weak or 'whipped') but little by little, and as time goes on, you'll notice that the "void" and gap between the 2 of you gets bigger & wider until eventually he's out of your life completely & is content with never speaking to you again or having you be in his life in some sort of way.

Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Usually when a Libra cuts off 100% of communication with you for a long period of time, that means that is his way of telling himself that he no longer needs you & has completed the "get over her" stages that it takes so long to complete. But when you're in the middle of those stages, it can be quite frustrating for the other person because it's a perfectly normal feeling to want back the person you've put all of your time, energy & love into. And the best way to get a Libra back is to let them go completely, showing them FIRST that you no longer need them in your life; and if he comes back, then you'll know he wasn't as done with you and/or as over you as he tried to convince himself he was. But if he doesn't come back, & doesn't seem to mind the fact that you've moved on, then that's a tall-tale sign that you've lost him forever. Because Libras are not afraid to still attach to something (even if it's done in secret) that they can't let go of. When a Libra wants something, they get it, or atleast chase after it. But once a Libra has mentally withdrawn from you, things will never be the same. And what's the fun in chasing after something again if it'll never be like it used to again.

You chasing a Libra that has mentally withdrawn from you already is like chasing after a completely new person/stranger. And usually what happens is, even if you get your Libra back, chances are you won't be happy OR as happy with him because things will never be the same again & to an extent you'd be better off finding someone else & someone new if you can't have back what made you the happiest anyways. It's hard as hell, & their constant "re-appearing just to disappear" acts only add to the confusion, but when that happens, you have to rely on your OWN strength & courage to let go.
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Because if you can't let go of a Libra when a Libra has already let go of you, he'll start to see you as a pest & someone who is virtually weak instead of the "die hard" woman you are probably trying to appear to be. It sucks but it's life. When THEY are the ones leading you on & reappearing out of the blue, they don't want to put a "weak" or "vulnerable" tag on their foreheads because they feel that others should understand & comprehend why they can't let go YET. But yet, when they've let go before the other person they can't seem to understand why the person hasn't hit the road yet & almost become sort of annoyed even more with the other person.

The easiest way to get a Libra to lose respect for you after a break up is to continue chasing after them even after they've let you go. And once a Libra loses respect for you or starts to question himself, "What did I ever see in her?" then you've REALLY lost him forever.
27 years old female
I recently borke up with my Libra bf and trust me I have tried all tricks to get him back. But I think its right, once they get out of that relationship mode, it seems impossible for them to get back. Even after he broke up with me, he still texts me and he is so curious to know what's happening in my life. But when I confront him about getting back and starting afresh, he never gives me a straight answer. He just says that he doesn't feel like being in a relationship and maybe we can just go with the flow. Maybe its in their nature to be that way.. A very difficult sign to deal with I must say
27 years old female
And Krysrenee7 has put it across so well. This is exactly what's happening in my life too. I put down my self respect and chased this guy just to get him back and make him realise that I still care and I am willing to make it work, but instead he called me a Pyscho and said he never wants to meet me again.. And when I finally stopped all my contact with him, he suddenly re-appears in my life every now and then just to know what's happening in my life. But I think like Krysrenee7 put it across, maybe its his way of step by step letting go of me. Now I don't contact this person at all but once in a while get a message from him out fo the blue.. Its so complicated. I have stopped making him feel like I am desperate to have him back and would do anything to make it right. Maybe that's the best way to deal with it and move on. I do understand the void you have been experiencing. We tend to miss all the good memories and it happens to me everyday, its just been a few weeks since we broke up. I find it so hard to move on, but ever since I realised that he doesn't respect me as a person and treats me like a pyscho, I have decided to put a full stop[ to it.. If he wants it back, he will come back..

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