How do you know if a Leo man is really into you??

I've been friends with this guy for almost two years. He and I havent been intimate yet, we dont even talk about it. Alt
I've been friends with this guy for almost two years. He and I havent been intimate yet, we dont even talk about it. Although there is mad chemistry there!

He's bee opening up more to me, which is weird but I truly enjoy it to say the least. He's been calling me baby and telling me that he loves me lately. Asking in a roundabout way, why am I still single??

He's always telln me that he's here for me whenever I need him and that he would like to be in my life forever if he could...what does that mean coming from a leo man...Im an Aqua...thanks.
Oh and he's also told me on several occ. that I brighten up his day...that he loves my mind...He's asked me "what do you thnk about me, I mean in your heart"...

From my experiences with Leo men, and knowing how Leos are in general (I fall under this sign as well), the fact that he's actually telling you how he feels is BIG. leos are VERY proud people, and oftentimes may appear aloof because they don't want to be vulnerable to anyone. For me personally, it takes a lot of time before I unmask my feelings to anyone. Deep down, I know it's because I don't want my ego or my pride to suffer. Your Leo guy probably is going about the situation in a round-about way because Leos will NEVER put all their cards out on the table. You will get 50% , maybe more if they really like you, but generally you have to meet them halfway. He sounds like he's doing what I often do when I'm interested in a guy. He's dropping hints, and then seeing what your reaction will be. That's one thing about Leos, they have to be SURE of your feelings for them. From what I'm hearing, it sounds like this guy really likes/cares about you. You will be able to tell by his actions. Leo guys are usually very generous and will do their best to try and impress you (i.e take you out to fancy places, pay for you... etc.) I would suggest that you tell him how you feel, but if you don't think that you can do that just yet, drop some hints here and there. Flattery works on Leos! Hope this helped!
He's invited me to his hometown about four x's...I've only taken him up on his offer once. I will be back to his city in another 2weeks or so. I DO believe that this trip coming up will give us the opp. to unmask our true feelings for one another...I care for him too...I wouldnt mind being with HIM for the rest of my life if I could.
I will do just that. He just sent me a text stating that he intends to move to my city in a year. I dont know what that means, I guess it wouldnt hurt to ask him once I go visit'em?

By the way, I dont knw much about birthcharts and all but his bday is 8/5/85...mine is 1/27/81...what does that say about US?? Just wondering. We get along famously but we have had our spats here and there....nothing major.

I know that I have Leo rising and his sun sign is that good or what? But my moon is in scorpio dont know if thats good or not. I dont know much about his birthchart though...
Oh and chocolate, I was afraid to be totally honest with him because I didnt want him to run away...but alot has happened since then. HE's been the one professing his feelings for ME...I love it, that's just the way it ought to be. I do however recip. his feelings and dont hold back when it comes to letting him know.
Yeah, I tell him how I feel about him all the time. I just dont want to push myself on him in any sort of way. When he told me about his plans to move to my city, I was very surprised and happy to say the least....I didnt tell him this but I do believe that he knows already.

I had planned to move about an hour away from where he stays...which is where I am right now. I got a job offer about a month ago, but the job isnt working I'll be moving back to my city very soon. I told him this last night, which is why he sent me the text saying he planned to move to my city next year.

My biggest concern is his age....he's soo young to me, but he's mature. I just dont know if he's ready for what Im ready for right now. He seems to be, but I kinda feel like men under 25 should be left to explore and figure out what it is they desire in a mate. Im not sure if he knows at 23. BUT I am willing to give it a try with him...hell he lied to me about his age when he and I first met...He could tell that I was older than he is but you shoulda seen the look on his face when he first saw me almost two years was like he had seen an angel or even

Ok, I'm 27 and he's 25...I had my ages mixed up. NO I havent asked him ANY questions about what he's looking for regarding me...But when the perfect opp. arises I will most certainly do so....I don't want to come across as too aggressive, or needy....I don't want to rush anything, I kinda like him taking the lead...
Starchild, Chocolate is right and knows (especially since she is a Leo ). Anyway, from my experience with Leo's, if you ask them a question, they will answer honestly. I'm just one of those people that don't asks questions I don't want to know the answer too unless I'm absolutely certain. With the Leo male I've been dealing with, I've asked him some pointed questions, and he's always answered me honestly. Most of the responses have been positive in my favor, and even those few that weren't didn't bother me, because I know now that I can trust what he says to me - good, bad, or ugly. Trust is huge with me, and it's important to him as well. What I don't do is bombard him with a lot of questions. I tend to spread my questions out over time, and if something is important to me, I don't ask over the phone or via text. I ask him in person, which is difficult, since he lives somewhere else, but I'm patient (mostly) so I just try and wait it out until we see each other. Good luck, and as Chocolate has said "have fun and enjoy it."
Hey guys! Unfortunately for the both of us, we are unable to discuss anything face to face at the moment. He does however keep saying things about our "friendship", so Im looking at it as though he loves me as a friend ONLY. Not a huge deal with me....BUT I'm starting to have deeper feelings for him. As I said before, I dont intend on pushing him in any sort of direction...I can sometimes be a bit committment phobe...

But I wouldnt mind trying something with him....However, at this time I may have to fall back on our communication until my deep feelings for him subside...and Im able to see him as just a friend and nothing else.

To make a long story short...Im not sure if he's leading me on or not...which is why we are having this discussion to begin with...
hey starchild,

don't lose hope just yet. i'm a leo, and i talk to the guy i'm basically in love with all time, and refer to him as just a friend. i do this because i'm unsure of his feelings for me and don't want to scare him away by telling him i want something more. as a leo, i never want to be the first one to say something for fear of being vulnerable/rejected. he may be talking about your "friendship" because he's playing it safe. a key thing to notice is if your leo guy mentions other women in your presence. leos secretly like it when their significant other is jealous because it shows that they care. show your leo that you care about him in a direct and honest way. if you're ready, you can even tell him how you feel. leos are suckers for declarations of love- they live for it.
Hey Chocolate yeah, seeing someones face when they are telling you stuff can go a long way to making sure they are sincere. Regardless of signs, I don't think anybody wants to be the first to put their a $ $ on the line or pledge undying love. I think people are just scared of rejection, being hurt and/or made a fool of -- in my experience. I don't think signs, age, etc makes any difference. At the end of the day, people want to be loved for who they are without judgment, and not made to look like a fool.
I do appreciate all of your insight, I will not lose hope in our friendship...Im rather paitient, but just dont want to thnk that something is more than what it really is. Umm, from what I can tell, he genuinely likes me and cares about my well-being. When we are together I feel no pressure from him for sex, even if we stay the night together. He calls when he says he will and is pretty much a man of his word. We flirt from time to time, and yes he has tried to speak of/or flirt with other women while we were hanging out. And to tell you the truth it didnt bother me at all. I saw it for what it was worth...I knew he was probably seeking attention from me at that time...but Im not jealous nor insecure so I really couldnt play into the whole sceme of things. He tells me that Im all he can think about some times....I sorta believe him due to the fact he's always contacting me. I dunno...
Well, so far he's told me that he loves me quite a few times....I second tht motion. I havent asked if he's "IN LOVE" with me becuz I know that we both are not there yet. I'm not sure if this is just him being friendly or what? But do you all know if this type of behavior is typical for a Leo man who doesnt want to be in a relationship? whats really going on?
I love to be praised and admired - I always love to look good I am extremely
Ok now my leo man an ex from about 20 yrs ago - he's my child god father - it has always been that mutual friends/family/work associates have felt its just a matter of time before we get together (no one has ever seen 2 people so committed to each other) only many years ago neither 1 of us would have made it last (I had trust issues and he did not know what career path to take) since then we've both been married (he divorced and as of 2 months ago he came out of a long term relationship - I am about to dissolve my marriage - hub is a mess (will not get help - my son and I have suffered enough) and poses to be a threat to me and his child.. So my leo man and I have been in contact on average 4 times a day each day - him telling me how much he cares about me and my son --- however I view this all as being good friends there for one another.. Others see things differently he invited me to his place last Sunday as friends - he flew out on a business trip rang and emailed me - plane landed he rang me - he's invited me to his business luncheon tomorrow - he has a seminar on Sunday - then on Monday he goes to work and comes over to my place (He has not once made a move pass or any advances apart from always wanting to know my son and I r ok and safe and that he cares) he does absolutely everything foru son and I (I have not ever known someone to respect care about me so highly.. Which causes me to think.. Is there an interest more than a friend (I don't do friends with benefits if that's what he's trying to get from me) he is spending a lot of money on me and my house too - right now I'm enjoying becoming reacquainted with him - I need to dissolve my marriage - sort myself out mentally (I was in a damaging marriage) - re establish my life balance before I can think about jumping into another relationship even if he is the man I want and care forever about. HELP

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