Leo female, Gemini male?

I'm a Leo girl, I recently met a Gemini guy who I felt an instant spark with... and of course, sexual attraction. Does a
I'm a Leo girl, I recently met a Gemini guy who I felt an instant spark with... and of course, sexual attraction. Does anyone have any experience with a leo/gemini relationship?
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I have found Leo's and Gemini's to be a very good match. Course like all couples, you will have your issues and you have to keep in mind, Gemini's are incorrigible flirts. It's just part of their nature. They tease women, children.. members of there own sex even sometimes. It's fun and harmless to them. However I have noticed once they are completely taken with someone (and ready to settle down.. they are like the Sagi in this sense) they are completely 100% loyal to there partner. They will still flirt like before but they run like a marathon running if the person actually takes them up on their teasing.

It's actually a fabulous match. One of the better ones, go for if anything I will promise you will have a lot of fun. Just remember, just as you.. Gemini's need space and independence. So do not get offended if you are not included in every aspect of his life.
38 years old female
"Rising Sign - Capricorn. Sun - Sagittarius. Moon - Gemini. Mercury - Sagittari
One of my best friends is married to a Leo woman.. I love how he dots and is with her in general. They have a very strong and loving relationship. He did however take 8 yr to propose to her!
my leo very dear friend is dating a gemini male....the number one issue...TRUST....although they are very compatible in terms of intellect and just being friends and lovers and mixing it all up in their leo and gemini combination....they have a hard time sometimes communicating and trusting each other but overall i think its a great match...although i love fire and air together!!!!!!
*It sucks he will completly deceive you and you will be left fazed

Kinda have to agree with that one......was totally in love with my gemini for 6 years and OMG could he lie and deceive.....at the end I don't even think he knew when he was lying anymore. Otherwise though, we had a great attraction to one another....its just the 2 people in 1 I couldn't take anymore...one would be saying one thing, the other would be acting out a different thing.

I'm a Leo woman dating (if you can call it that) a Gemini man... The sexual chemistry is AMAZING but I don't know about the rest of it. I'm so trusting and he's got me going a million different ways at once.. Never know what he's really thinking. He jumps from place to place and I don't know where I stand or if I stand anywhere at all. He's totally got my heart; I can't stop thinking about him and I care so much but I don't know where it's going if anywhere...We hardly ever see each other and just when I'm about to give up on it, he'll swoop in and carry me right back to him. It's kind of cute; he gets jealous if I talk to other guys but he doesn't have time for me. Do Gemini guys usually lie? Can they be honest and committed? What does his behavior show me? I don't know whether to give up or trust in him and hope for the best.
WOW I was thinking of trying a Gemini Man, but I am scared because from what I heard they have no emotions which sometimes we can be soft and pink and need that...I could not stomach to think I am uncared for or ignored altogether. I am not clingy but I can be when I feel I am losing my position with someone I really care for and geminis are airy so i dunno....but like geminifox I hear its a very good match....
Straight up now tell me, do you really wanna love me forever? Or am I caught in a hit and run?

I really appreciate all the viewpoints on this page. I am a gemini man, 36 and exhausted from being a gemini. I am dating a 25 year old leo princess. There is one thing I can confirm, I love being affectionate to her, and I find I give her sincere compliments and declarations of love. We do have our issues as most relationships do, but I find that once I get to my heart of hearts, we are able to find each other spectacularly. I have been seeing my queen for 5 and a half months now, and really want and need a powerful partner to ground me. I have dated more airy signs before and fire signs and not found the depth of heart and mutual understanding I have with my girlfriend. We still have a lot to build together and I know she has a certain fixed idea of how to do it. I am still gently softening her to accepting viewpoints as a means to making future plans. My biggest concern is stability in employment. I am asking other leo woman out there with long term commitment from their gemini men what they would suggest. I am weary of losing her because of my inconsistency. She has come to mean that much to me. Please stay positive though in your advise, I believe in this woman like you would not understand. I will move heaven and earth to keep my lioness happy.

Kind Regards to all

PL! Exceptionally well put! Can someone tell this to my GEM-MALE40/LEO-ME38? I adore him! When he's on he's right on! But when he's off, damn he's in another country!

It's funny because I just sent him a txt last week about being HOT/COLD & Jekyl/Hyde. He didn't like it and said it can't be all about me ALL THE TIME! I simply responded, yes it is ask my Dad? I don't like that side of him, but he's worth it; I just don't know if I could get use to that!!! I Roar-well maybe meow, he apologizes and we move on...

Just listen to her when she says when she's feeling you're not being your charming self.
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Gemini - Leo makes a 3-11 vibration. 3-11 vibrations are supposed to be about karmic debt. It is a fated union that is often difficult to resist due to the past life connection between them. It is a relationship that may require great sacrifice or difficulty to achieve a great reward.

I'm a Gemini female who just started a friendship/possible romance with a Leo Male. I've been crazy attracted to him for 2 years now. He is a co-worker. I didn't act on my feelings towards the Leo for so long due to already being in a relationship. Once I decided my relationship was hopeless, I decided to go for it with the Leo.

I met the Leo earlier this week and told him my feelings for him. He asked about my b/f and I told him that it was over. He said he would be willing to hang out and see what would happen. We talked about getting together later in the week. He hugged me goodbye and I told him that made me want to kiss him, and so we did Then I saw him at work and we set up definitive plans for last night. I invited the Leo along to go to my friend's campsite and watch the fireworks with myself and my daughter.

The now ex b/f, who is a Pisces male, is not accepting our break-up well. Apparently the Pisces decided to go and have a little talk w/ the Leo. He said he was concerned about this guy hanging around our child. I didn't realize the b/f had done this until I was at the campground w/ the Leo.

female from Out in the Boonies, California
" My Fractals - Mathmatically Generated Art Have degrees in Geology
Now the Leo tells me that he wants to be friends, thinks I'm an amazing person, but has doubts that we could ever work out. Then I found out about the Pisces' "talk" with the Leo. I understood then why he was backing away and I couldn't really blame him. The Leo says he would really like to hang out with me though. He even offered to come and look at a rental that I'm going to look at, and offered help in moving and anything else he can help me with.

Last night during convo with the Leo, it came to me that a b/f in the past (my first love) may have been a Leo. This b/f and I dated on and off for 3 years. I've always regretted letting him go. He was the best man for me that I've ever had, but I was young and stupid. Next month will be 8 years that this b/f has been deceased. I couldn't remember this b/f's b-day. I found his death certificate and his b-day was August 14th, a Leo sure enough. The current Leo's b-day is August 13th.

I whole heartedly believe in the past life connection between me and these Leos. I realize I need to settle into a new living situation before I can really pursue this Leo. I need to figure out how to proceed with the Leo. He's too special for me to mess this one up. Any suggestions?
*Do Gemini guys usually lie?*

YES they are fabulous liars....I know too many deceptive male geminis to not say my peace...my father, my brother, my ex of 7 years, my boss, my ex boss and I have a few male gemini friends....they are/were all womanizers and OMG the lies??

Problem is Geminis aren't good at it because a good liar remembers what they said and lied about LOL.

They'll lie to get out of a lie if it means they dont get caught but little do they know how transparent they really are.

Other than that? a load of fun, gotta love their thirst for knowledge and they're definitely not couch potatoes....they love the social life which fits in very well with the fun loving Leo.

Leos are so very loyal but Geminis dont seem to be able to show the same
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