My sun sign is Aries and my moon sign is virgo... not sure if it makes me..
Virgo sun/ Pisces Moon
I'm all 3 mutable: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces, and Rising in Gemini. What a ride!
33 years old female
hmmm.. I will have to look into that I suppose. I have read a bunch of Aries stuff since my ex hubby was an aries and didn't see much of anything. Guess I will revisit it now.
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"june 22,1973 rising- virgo
^^^^^thats what i was thinking
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scorp and aries share a planet, so there are many similarities between the two strong, powerful signs, despite the differences. you probably think you're full on scorp but you are probably just not seeing where the scorp ends and the aries begins, if you know what i mean. nonetheless, the influence is definitely there. there's no doubt that you would be a different person if you had a say, aqua moon or cap moon paired with your scorp sun.
from florida
"june 22,1973 rising- virgo
theres no way u have zero influence from your aries moon.......
33 years old female
Posted by cj7
no offense, scorpio with an aries moon ive had one of those before......

haha well I am weird,I have 0 influence from the moon sign, I actually laughed when I found out.
from florida
"june 22,1973 rising- virgo
no offense, scorpio with an aries moon ive had one of those before......
33 years old female
I'm a scorpio with an Aries Moon.... still no clue what that means as I am so scorpio it's ridiculous
from florida
"june 22,1973 rising- virgo
cancer :sun
pisces :moon

yeah....... i long to turn down the sensitivity level often is that where drugs and alcohol comes in? lol

i dig water signs but i get stuck with water signs with fire sign moons and that sucks and never works out. i enjoy fire sign moons for friendships but just too much emotional drama and selfishness to stand. double water signs have a different flow too them.
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Skyler, I'm interested to hear more about the strong moon signs you mentioned. It seems I am always attracting scorpio, pisces, and capricorn moon people. It's very consistent. I am scorp with a virgo moon. i would like to know more about those moons, what book was that? can you remember? I have found your statement to be true. the people i've been close to with these moon signs have often confused me as far as their behavior and responses being in contradiction to their sun signs, and i've come to find out that their moon signs have a very powerful influence on them. although it's obvious and i can figure out the apparent affects the water signs would have as well as the affect a cap moon would have on a person's sun, i'd love to hear any more information you have about this and how they are in relationships. thanks!
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Sun: Taurus Moon: Aries Rising: Leo Venus: Taurus
I just recently started reading about the Moon, Venus, Mars etc signs and wow did it explain alot and why I feel I'm so complicated yet simple at the same time!

Sun: Taurus
Moon: Aries
Rising: Leo
Venus: Taurus
Mars: Cancer
Mercury: Gemini

At my core I'm very Taurus but my Aries moon always has me restless and I'm frequently irritable or on the prowl. Sometimes I feel the need to just go out somewhere out of nowhere, and I get cranky when I can't.. also get confused when I'm over it in like an hour. It's like my Taurus sun wants me to just stay at home and relax. And when I get upset, yeah, get out the way! lol. I'm very "in your face" when it comes to how I feel about anything, but not so much in a forceful way.. but more in a very stubborn fixed way. I'll let my actions do the talking. My Leo rising makes me wanna go oo-la-la and dance! Lol I can't tell you how many times I've literally made my house my own personal stage, it's so true. In public I'm really lioness like, head held high and very proud-like. That's definitely a facade though. I do love going crazy though just for fun when no ones around, need to get all this nervous energy outta me! I think I'm alot of fun but I feel always restricted at the same time.. Taurus being so cautious and reserved.. and my Fire signs want me to go out and have fun fun~! Definitely have a true heart of fire

As for love? Straight up Taurus. Very loving and romantic, loyal to the core. Passionately Cancer I think fits me just fine, although true to the description, I am very protective when it comes to sex. If I feel comfortable with someone though I'm fine, one-on-one I'm at my best Oh and how I communicate? Gemini! Love talking.. and yes again with another nervous energy I feel within me all the time. But! I wouldn't want it any other way. It's what I think made the guy I'm interested in as of now, attracted to me. He has a Gemini in Venus. I'm definitely interesting to talk to no doubt, one of the few things I can confidentely boast about

I've learned in the end that I'm not nutsy (as I used to think), it's just my personality make-up, astroligically-speaking. Makes me feel like I can be myself and can let my Fire sides of me shine out more
38 years old female from Great Lakes
Double water is sooo hard, it's like you feel EVERYTHING, even other peoples emotions. Whenever you mix Pisces with Scorpio there is a lot empathic energy. My moon does really define me I think, but I'm very scorpian in not trusting easy. I drown in my own emotions so much I find myself hiding out a lot to avoid getting stressed. And I have to play to capricorn part to cover it all up (which I do very well) since in my family and workplace there are no other double water people to be found. I've had close relationships with Scorpios, but always with Earth and Air moons, and we could connect to some degree, but NEVER fully. I've read in a moon sign book (forget the author) that the most powerful moon signs to have are Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn. Water for obvious reasons, moon = cancer/water. Capricorn being in opposition. And don't even get me started on romance, it's a miracle I haven't pulled a Freddie Prince after all the depressing dramas I've been through.
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SunVirgo10?01'4510direct MoonTaurus28?43'3307direct MercuryLibra07?04'4
Ditto Tasha. My bf has an Aries moon too!
Aqua sun Sag Moon and I'm suppose be act like what?????
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