Scorp + Aqua ?

I find the level of commitment too much and run. I'm the Aqua. However there is a lot I do like about it, I feel in tw
female from New Zealand.
Eccentric. Happy.
I find the level of commitment too much and run. I'm the Aqua. However there is a lot I do like about it, I feel in two minds about it, Heres our charts anyone able to help?

Sun Aquarius
Moon Taurus/Gemini (I am confused with this cuz half the things I go on tell me taurus and half say gemini.)
Mercury Capricorn
Venus Aquarius
Mars Gemini
Jupiter Leo
Saturn Capricorn
Uranus capricorn
Neptune Capricorn
Pluto Scorpio
Mean Node Capricorn
True Node Capricorn
Chiron Pisces

Also Aquarius Rising
I dont know much about MC but mine is Scorpio so if anoyone could explain that would be appreciated.
My Descendant is Leo.


Sun Scorpio
Moon Scorpio
Mercury Scorpio
Venus Sagittarius
Mars Libra
Jupiter Pisces
Saturn Capricorn
Uranus capricorn
Neptune Capricorn
Pluto Scorpio
Mean Node Aquarius
True Node Aquarius
Chiron Pisces

Also Aries Rising
MC is Aquarius
Desendent is Libra

Any help appreciated.
39 years old female
Sun 5?47' Scorpio AS 13?33' Virgo Moon 1?44' Gemi
I am a Scorpio myself and have dated several Aquarius. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!
Esp. with that moon in Scorpio he has, and anyone with a Venus in Aquarius spells doom for us, you just don't care enough. We want to see you bleed (for us) sometimes.
As friends, Scorp and Aqua are awesome. That's usually when the Aqua falls for the Scorp and we don't even know it. Strange not to know something...
female from New Zealand.
Eccentric. Happy.
Thanks for the help guys. Yeh I have heard it go butter, but also my grandma is Aqua and my grandpa is SCorp and that is coming up 50years, so you never know I guess?

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