Sun Sign Virgo, Moon Sign Sagittarius

Hi! I was hoping if someone could tell me more about this combination. They seem a little contracdictory to me. What I am hoping that if someone can answer me in if a male with this combination would have issue in commintting or being faithful.
I guess you've found out by now! lol But I spotted this and thought I'd say hi - I'm Sun Virgo, Moon Sag and Scorpio rising.

I'm a very faithful person - my restless Sagginess has all been around the workpkace, but the Scorpio passion and Virgo fidelity/serving have always been the lead things in relationships.

So - over two years one, how did it turn out??
I've dated a Virgo sun, Sagi Moon guy for off and on 7 years.... he was a mix of emotions and lovey stuff, stubbornness, outdoorsy, active, loner at times, very picky but desires love real bad, but very argumentative...

I dunno, he didnt make sense to me, we never were able to hang with each other more than a few months at a time cuz arguments would consume us. We'd fight about the dumbest things ever! Good person tho, so sweet and willing to please and dedicated. I dont wannna date another one tho!
32 years old female from Australia
You'll get to know me sooner or later... My chart: sun in virg
Ooh hey SAV...I didn't know you were a virgo sun / sag moon as well!! *hi 5's* It's funny coz I have a water rising sign as well, but mine is pisces...
*Hi 5s* oddball!!

I've never felt very Virgoan tbh - much more Scorpio. But I have to say, the Sag influence is quite strong when I stop to think about it. I read years ago that there was a 'Friendly Dogginess' about Saggies and I have what my family calls the 'Invisible Tell Me Everything' hat. Strangers tell me their life stories, friends confide in me. Not that the Scorp Rising minds that, of course! I speak several languages and have been VERY restless in my career - feel very uneasy having been in the same job for 7 years! It's a pretty exact match for my skills and preferences but I still have to give myself a pep talk now and again to remind myself why I'm staying!

But I am faithful to a fault in relationships, in fact had a great offer at a time of great unhappiness in my marriage, and couldn't go there.

I have one of the messiest houses in the Universe (though it bugs me loads!) but am very Virgoan in my thinking and intellect.

Anyway good to meet ya!
32 years old female from Australia
You'll get to know me sooner or later... My chart: sun in virg
I can certainly identify with alot of what you said!! Interesting...I think these combo's bring alot of the qualities to virgo, that the sign on it's own is lacking. Not sure if you have seen this before, I really like it though

The combination of your Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius in many respects produces a dreamer that thinks in large broad terms; a Virgo who consistently belies the nature of the sign. You are capable of doing things that you probably disapprove of, for the sake of adventure, romance, and excitement. The puritan nature, commonly the hallmark of Virgo, may have to look the other way while you accumulate a few experiences. You are definitely not a classic Virgo possessing a narrow and focused mind. Many of the thoughts that run though your head bear little connection to everyday life. You are surprisingly philosophic and somewhat introspective, but instead of looking inside yourself, you seem to hold preconceived notions of what you are or would like to be. You can be so idealistic at times that it will be hard for anyone to meet your expectations. You can spend a good part of your life just daydreaming, though you do possess a practical analytical nature allowing you to be a very creative person when you decide you want to be. Your challenge will always be to control your restlessness and concentrate on things that have true relevancy. You can be very dramatic in all your actions, and you likely have a good talent for acting. Your use of body language and gestures can clearly communicate. You must be especially careful in this sometimes, and be aware of a tendency toward bluntness in dealing with other people. Often they will take a tactless comment much more personally that you intended it. Human sensitivities are something that you will have some difficulty understanding.

I agree with most of it, except the part about difficulty understanding human sensitivities...I think that must come from the water rising sign though?
Yes I have seen that before, good to be reminded of it though. I also didn't agree with the bit about tact. I am very tactful - thought perhaps I was fooling myself but my manager said after a (false) complaint once, "I knew you couldn't have said anything like that - you are the least likely person here to ever hurt somebody's feelings."

Of course, I'm 48 now - perhaps I left a trail of destruction behind me in my Twenties which I was too tactless to notice at the time!

I've succumbed to a lot of the Virgo inhibitions and fears through my life, but no more... I have always seen myself as a work in progress - I accept myself for who I am, but always strive to be more 'myself'. (Scorp Rising?)

And I am an actor! Love it!

32 years old female from Australia
You'll get to know me sooner or later... My chart: sun in virg
Haha yeah the tact part is funny... I guess it has alot to do with the mercury placement as well. I am grateful for my mercury in virgo!! I mean, sometimes I slip-up, as does everyone...But on the whole i'm pretty tactful...Just not afraid to speak my mind though

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