Advice to rekindle a man's interest!!!

My girlfriend haven't been in the dating game in over 10 years and I think she turning men off. She have always been ext
46 years old female from NY
"Im Crazy, Sexy, and Cool!!! Im a single attractive woman who has been single f
My girlfriend haven't been in the dating game in over 10 years and I think she turning men off. She have always been extremely competitive therefore she like men who are a challegee for her. She use to have a natural ability of getting men to fall in love with her who wasn't emotional available at the beginning.

He's a Capricorn & I think he's a great guy but unfortunately she may have already ruined things with him. Im 100% sure this guy really like her at 1st and I think she still could have a slight chance with him. He already stop calling her everyday and asked her to wait for him to call her. The problem is he don't never call unless she calls him. He's always acting busy and sometimes he don't return her calls for 1 week. He normally return calls if she's asking to have sex with him faster.

He seem like the perfect man for her until she told him she love him and things started to slowly change. He must have lost a lot of respect for her because he wasn't acting nothing like this at 1st. She not a freaky woman and I'm sure she didn't do anything sexually to turn him off. In fact she said he was extremely freaky and she was addicted to having sex with him. I personally think she was a real challenge for him and after she fell in love he started to distant himself.

Please give me advice for her to continue seeing him and get him interested again. This man is very experience so give expert advice please thanks!
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I remembered I casually dated a Cappie. He was hella annoying.
35 years old female from seattle, USA
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i agree with the aforementioned responses. my good cap friend chased me for almost a couple of years until i started to show real interest. then he became all flaky and unreliable whereas before he was prompt and stuck to his word! ha! it was for the best... i don't have time for that butter so, i guess me being a typical leo, i lost interest fast and moved on. i don't DO hot and cold. heh.
Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Well one, regardless of his zodiac, it seems like there was trouble in paradise from the beginning with these two. Sure, Cap men have been known to run for the hills once things get really serious BUT it seems like these 2 have more of a sexual relationship moreso than anything. If he's only being being responsive to her around the time things get sexual, then that tells the real story of the relationship between them both moreso than either of their zodiac signs. if he's no longer interested in her on a romatic or long-term level, it only makes sense that he would only apply himself to situations with her that would benefit him (sex for example). Do you feel that this guy flew the coop as soon as she brought the L word into the equation? Or do you feel that regardless of what she does (D'd if she does, D'd if she doesn't) that this guy just won't act the same with her? For whatever his reasons are for detaching himself from her, her continuing to have sex with him has obviously NOT worked in rekindling that old "Flame" they probably both started out having. 1. She needs to stop having sex with him. And 2. There is a big difference between purposely seeking all the WRONG men just for the sake of the challenge VS. purposely seeking all the RIGHT men just for the purpose of the challenge. If she's had trouble keeping or maintaining relationships with men in the past (for whatever reason(s) then I don't think astrology should be the main focus point here when it comes to her & this new guy. If she won't open up the discussion with him & simply ask him what his deal is then she can atleast look inside herself & ask herself what it is about her that she's saying/not saying OR doing/not doing that's pushing all these men away. I asure you that it has NOTHING to do with a man's zodiac. She's probably giving wayyyy too much or not giving enough

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