Roleplaying as a Sagittarius man/woman...

By HamstheticsFebruary 6, 2022 12:25pm — 29 replies
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Do you
agree with these descriptions saw these on slice aries the ram may stray aries are passionate super sexy enthusiastic and never boring what could possibly go wrong if you are a high-octane person who is constantly on the go you will be able to
Venus going direct
as written by alex myles venus the planet of love stations direct today after being retrograde since december 19th however she will remain in the shadow phase until march 1st over the past couple of months since venus entered her pre-retrograde
I need help in understanding this
why does gem keep texting me making small talk about random stuff but also not being very direct at all as to why shes back in contact with me or what she wants from me shes today asked me this how is ypur love life can i ask that i replied
Romantic chemistry between the signs that makes me the most jealous.
so i have noticed certain vibes between the various zodiac signs when it comes to romance that make me sorta jealous one in particular takes the cake the winner has to be aries and gemini what a beautiful and hilarious wreck if it is an aries guy
NSFW - Kinks and the Signs
what are the kinks you think are likely to be engaged by each sign im leaving out some of the more extreme ones because this post is just for fun aries brat brat-taming taurus submission anal gemini dirty talk maybe sensory deprivation like bli
Do you guys ever look at your composite chart between you and a love interest?
i came across an astro blog where the author outlined key aspects in a marriage soulmate composite chart - they had used beyonce and jay-zs chart as an example and apparently the chart shows their relationship is a strong and powerful one so i calcula
Millie and Liam on Love Island.
sag woman with a leo man did the synastry itself and it seems like millie has more power in that relationship seem to be a happy pair weird since you do not see too many celeb pairings at least where the woman is a sag and man is a leo
Is that how Aquarius behaviour is?
he approaches me on the 2nd day of our first time meeting with lets be in relationship we have a few hours talk and i ask him why is he so fast to want to be in a relationship with me and his reply is because i know you will be serious in relationshi
Best zodiac match for each sign
been a while since we have our best zodiac match thread aries female taurus female gemini female cancer female leo female virgo female libra female scorpio female sagittarius female capricorn female aquarius female pisces female
Confused dream about a Taurus man who wanted to have sex with me.
bonsoir need your support your advice your thoughts amp feelings about a dream and a situation connected to it few days back i had an argument with this taurus man he has moon in sagittarius mars in taurus amp venus in gemini we were dating