Taking a break from each Zodiac sign

By LorelaiJuly 27, 2022 4:03am — 20 replies
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How to aqua men, men in general deal with stress and grief?
hey guys i have been seeing my aqua for 9 years known one another for 13 long story short he has been going through a lot sick father money issues work issues and in grad school one day after a stupid argument he spontaneously broke up with me we
The best version of you vs the version you show to Fire mooners
what is some quality personality aspect of yours that is off the table to certain people you think dont deserve the best version of you
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hi there if you can help guess my help guess my friend sun sign mars ascendant anything you can guess based on his looks i know im not crazy when i say i see mars in him mars dominant masculine aries sun i just see mars i dont see feminine pla
Pisces Man 101…
what are the pros and cons to dating a pisces male what s with the moodiness hot and cold etc are pisces males known to be cheaters what do they want from their significant other
The most faithful Zodiac sign is...LEO!
consider how passionate and sexual they can be its amazing how leo can be so loyal to you once they decide that you are the one especially when compared to other passionate signs or even the usual faithful zodiac sign like capricorns who just didnt
What to make of the antics of my girlfriend's Scorpio sister?
so i am a leo sun virgo moon dating a woman who is also a leo she is french and we have a really spicy chemistry together which involves a ton of sex often burning weekends just doing it my girlfriend has a sister and its kind of funny because my girl
Share your story! of how you met your partner/spouse. And what their Mars and Venus sign?
if you dont mind share your story of how did you met your spouse partner ex-partner is okay too just story about you guys meet and what their mars and venus sign sun sign too if you want im in the mood of want to read how did you met your partner
Anyone here have Mars and Saturn in 3rd house of communication? I do, lol. How it going for you?
im gemini sun and gemini stellium so im chatty and scatter brain already and i have mars and saturn in my 3rd house of communication so my brain is a mess it a constant debate inside my brain trying to figure out things it a mental thing for me
"people who square you have a great deal to teach you"
i was watching an astrologer on youtube the other day it was a video about natal aspects and synastry and one of the things he said kinda took me by surprise im pretty much still an amateur in astrology so a lot of things still take me by surprise